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When disaster strikes five keys to your family's survival


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When disaster strikes five keys to your family's survival-

Number 1:

Have plenty of food on hand, the more storage food the better. If you have a garden great, but beyond that storage food is key. Have seeds in your storage supplies as well, being able to grow food in the future is very important for long term sustenance. If the outside environment is unstable for growing food you should have plenty of storage food. There are many food buckets, MRE’s, and add water- type foods on the market, choose the one’s that fit your family’s needs for at least one year’s worth of food.

Number 2:

Water is essential for life. It would be smart to have at least 20 gallons of water on hand and rotate for freshness. Water filters are a must as well. If you don’t trust a water source that you might be forced to use, having a great water filter will make things a little easier. There are many water filters today on the market to choose from, even ones that filter out radiation and 99.9% of impurities. Research the different filters and the capabilities of them, and then buy a dozen. Being able to melt snow, collect rain, gather water from rivers, streams, or lakes and be able to filter out bad bacteria and metals is very important.

Number 3:

Security for your household or farm and the ability to keep people off your land is important if looting for food and weapons become reality. For a relatively low cost you can outfit your property with infrared security cameras and motion sensors. Knowing if and when people might trespass on your land you will have video of them. There are many other primitive ways to keep people off your land but I will let you decide which ways suit you best. Fences, heavy duty locks, surveillance, and firearms are just a few ways to keep out intruders. In all out chaos, food will be the biggest commodity for bandits. If you have storage food, and emergency supplies you will want to keep them under lock and key in a cool dry place. All the people who didn’t prepare will turn against you if you have the means to stay alive and don’t share. Protecting your loved one’s food supply and lives is one of the most important keys to survival.

Number 4:

Communication with outside world if power grid or cell towers and satellites go down is important to know what’s going on out beyond your land. Hamm radios, handheld uhf radios, crank powered AM-FM radios, and any device that doesn’t depend on internet, cell towers, and new technology. Sometimes the more archaic the device the more dependable it is. You will want to know what’s happening in the outside world to be completely forewarned and prepared if things get really bad.

Number 5:

Electricity is mostly thought of as always there and sometimes taken for granted. Having no power can be a detriment if not prepared for it. There are gas generators that will eventually run out of gas, propane generators are nice if you have plenty of propane, but if you don’t have all that you can purchase a solar generator for the same cost as most good gas generators. Wind turbines to store power are cheaper than you might think, and are a good way to create off grid power. There are some things that will require power if it all goes down and you will want to have the ability to run a few things.

I hope everyone takes the time to take these things seriously and not rely on the garbage fed to us that is designed to keep us tame, blind, and dependent on them (the system). The more self-sufficient you can become the less you will have to rely on the infrastructure. Be prepared and informed and you too can become fully protected and prepared for any event that might come our way.

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Disaster Preparation - The Signs of Dehydration in an Urban Survival Situation
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