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Why Home Security Should Be Your Number 1 Priority


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How much longer will you be able to say “It won’t happen to me”? It’s only a matter of time.

What precautions can you do to help create a safer environment to live in? Have you ever thought about installing a monitored home security system? How about a monitored smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector? Have you ever performed a wall through of your home to identify any potential hazards of hidden dangers? Most of us know that prevention is important, but most of us will not take the steps needed to protect our family and home. It seems we will not take the time until something happens and it is normally too late.

Ask yourself, what can I do better to protect my home and family from fire and intruders?

Let’s take a look at your first line of defense, your front door. By spending a few more dollars for a good lock, you can save thousands. We recommend a deadbolt lock, which can provide better security than a sliding lock. Deadbolts can’t be opened without a key. Bored in deadbolts that are embedded into the door are even harder for a burglar to get through.

How about peepholes? They are another good investment. A good peephole gives you the advantage of checking to see who’s at the door before you open it. And of course it should be well lit because if you can’t see who’s there, they can’t come in.

Just move in? Do you know who has a key? It’s always a good idea to replace the locks when possible. If not, get them re-keyed. That’s going to depend on your budget. Get a qualified and reputable locksmith to work on your locks. The only keys to your home should be the ones you had made. Again, a few dollars spent now can save you thousands later.

Let’s talk a little bit about windows. To help prevent burglars from getting into your home through a window, install locks or pins. I recommend using the same brand of lock for all your windows. In an emergency you don’t want to be fumbling trying to find a particular key or procedure for a lock when all you need is one key or one procedure. And that’s an important point, because when safety and convenience are at odds, convenience usually wins. Make sure to keep the key in a safe but easy to access location so you can get to it quickly if there’s a fire.

Suppose an uninvited burglar managed to get into your home. Do you have your very important papers in plain sight? Or locked up in a safe? There are top quality personal safes available for your home or office at very affordable prices. You should consider one for added protection.

Whether you are at home or away, installing timers on your interior lights will give the appearance that someone is at home.

One of a burglar’s biggest enemies is light. Installing lights around your home that are activated by movement can help scare off intruders. Exterior sensor lights not only bring about curb appeal but also help to light the path to your front door when you come home. Timers these days are also economical and can be found at your local home improvement store.

What about fire? What are hot spots? Hot spots are areas that can ignite a fire. Faulty wiring is considered a hot spot. Overloading an outlet is a hot spot. Some older homes do not have enough outlets in a particular room so we will try everything possible to make one plug operate everything in that room. That’s a hot spot if I ever saw one. Call in a qualified professional and add additional outlets. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Let’s not forget the one room that has a lot of hot spots, the kitchen. The number one hot spots are the oven and range. Never leave any burners on when you leave the home or go to sleep. In the event you smell gas, leave the home immediately. When you are in a safe place, call the gas company and let them know about the situation.

Smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors play a very important role in family protection. A monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detector with a reputable security company is monitored 24/7. They call carbon monoxide the silent killer because it is odorless. Every home should have at least one. A monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detector is much more protection than a battery operated unit because you will have to be home to receive the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm from a battery unit. Again a fireproof personal safe will help protect important documents in the event of a fire.


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