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Security Camera Mysteries: What Does Lux Mean


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There are a number of aspects to consider when trying to choose the number of surveillance cameras and systems for their execution.

If the device is capable or see their HD cameras can in low light conditions in the region.

In this sense, knowing that LUX is with respect to the ability of a surveillance camera, an image capture in low light has to do important.

LUX is a form of expression, the measure of the sensitivity of camera, lighting.

Is a standardized measure and is (LUX what) seem intent, at a tenth of the foot-candle light. A footcandle is usually possible to measure the light intensity. One could say that the center 10 000 footcandles of intensity, it would have meant a hell.

If there is a surveillance camera and LUX, it is always best, with one, that a number is as low as possible when a camera is important to be able to get the movement or activity to go very low.

For example, a camera, which is at 1 LUX rating usually have no problem to see in the afternoon or evening before. It is not in a position in the dark, of course, see demand, that with an infrared (IR) the ability to do this are provided.

There are cameras that go much lower, only 1 Lux can.

A camera that is capable of falling to 0.1 to select the movement or the image of a well-lit parking lot.

One that may be able to work at 0.05 Lux to view images of dimly lit areas at night view.

A 0.05 lux may even look better than the human eye in the night.

So keep in mind, if it should better security cameras, the low ratings than high-LUX LUX as a surveillance camera able to capture images in low light conditions, are for obvious reasons of security comes.

Most security experts, if one considers CC cameras that have the outer room or outdoors, a low rating LUX.

Note that low-LUX cameras are not able to see in complete darkness conditions.

At least not be able to see a lot more bumps and clear pattern. To this end, the cameras to an infrared (IR) unit are linked.

When IR light is not necessary ( go on a different wavelength of the light spectrum) is not in the sense measured by Lux, as this to measure the intensity of visible light is reserved.

Any good security camera system consists of several elements, but the cameras are the most important because they are the eyes of the system.

If this is not flexible enough to see well, there is hope to run it at maximum.

Having cameras that are of sufficient quality and has the ability to see at night (that have the ability to infrared) is of the utmost importance.

The security camera systems are also helpful for the businesspersons and organizations to assure security at the place. The cameras can be placed everywhere including the finance department of the company or organization to keep a proper check on the employees and visitors. It avoids theft at the place as the persons can easily be hand cuffed due to the image captured in the security cameras. It enables the owners and concerned authorities to assure the safety of the place. In an ATM if anyone tries to make a theft the person he/she can be recognized through the infrared security camera system. Many fraudulent people are being caught in banks and malls through this System. It has now become a necessity everywhere to avoid any kind of new sense by anyone. These systems have helped and can help in controlling theft in banks, ATM’s, Treasury and financial department in any company.

The infrared security camera has enabled more facility by capturing images in darkness with the help of the infrared technology. The thieves, robbers can do anything like cutting the power of the place to make robbery and the normal security cannot capture clear images in the darkness but the cameras with the infrared technology are capable of capturing the images in darkness even. An alarm system should also be placed along with the camera system so that in case the guards not able to concentrate for few minutes, the alarm strikes and catches attention of the concerned authorities in case of any threat to the safety of the place. The camera system is boon if properly and correctly being used in different sectors and it can prove itself as curse if the technology reaches to wrong person who will definitely use the technology in creating new sense in the life of others. Camera systems are useful and must be necessarily placed in malls, important and famous places.


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