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How Safe is Your House?


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It’s all too easy for a slight hint of complacency to creep into everyday home security. A window accidentally left open, spare keys left in all too obvious places or even valuables left in sight of passers-by. All these factors can attract burglars whether spontaneous or planned; therefore, take a step back and have a fresh look at your home security to ensure you’re as safe as you can be when it comes to your most valued possessions.

In the United Kingdom alone, it is estimated that there are over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year, and consequentially theft is one of the most common causes for claims under contents insurance policies. With more than 340,000 claims made annually for loss of items and damage due to theft, it pays to be vigilant when it comes to the security levels of your home.

One of the effective ways to protect both your home and belongings against theft is by installing a burglar alarm. Home alarms are a useful means of deterring would be thieves to begin with, thus reducing the likelihood of your precious possessions being damaged or stolen. And if burglars are still brave enough to force entry into your home despite the existence of a home security system at least the alarm will be raised; therefore, giving thieves less time inside your house and increasing the probability of them being caught and your possessions recovered.

Window and door locks also act as an effective deterrent and make it more difficult for unwanted visitors to access your house and everything contained within it. In fact, some insurance companies will not provide cover unless windows and doors are safely fitted with locks.

Fire is another common culprit when it comes to home insurance claims and home safety levels. Billions of pounds are paid out on a yearly basis by insurance providers in Britain for claims resulting from fires in the home, so it’s a wise move to beat fire and safeguard your home against it. As with home security systems, smoke alarms are an efficient means of both protecting your home and minimising damage caused if the worst does happen. Alarms are either battery operated or wired into the mains, so you can choose whichever options suits you best; however, if you opt for the battery version, make sure you check the batteries frequently.

You can also prevent fire from occurring in the first place by having the electrical wiring in your home checked. The same applies to electrical items and always use a certified electrician, as then you can rest safe in the knowledge that your electrical safety standards have been set by a qualified expert.

These are just a few of the more common reasons behind home insurance claims, but once you begin proactively considering how safe your house is, you’ll want to make sure all eventualities are covered.

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