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Driving down the street, you might notice a discrete camera system attached near a traffic light. Closed circuit television (CCTV) is used to monitor traffic congestion in the area. This technology has aided traffic patrol to monitor the heavy flow of vehicles in certain areas and make adjustments to eliminate the congestion. The cameras also notice road accidents, and emergency units can be deployed to the area without anyone reporting the incident.

These cameras are especially useful on highways when an accident has disrupted the flow of traffic. The problem is reported immediately and law enforcement officials are called to the scene to direct and enable the flow of traffic

While driving, you might notice some CCTV modules installed at intersections. These cameras are set to capture plate numbers should a traffic violation occur, such as running a red light or speeding.

The camera is set to pick up images, i. e. take photographs, if someone drives through the intersection after the traffic light has changed. First a special sensor sends a signal to the camera and the plate number is then captured. A different sensor is also used for any of the speeding violations. If someone happens to be driving faster than the designated speed that is posted, a signal is then sent to the camera, which captures the plate number of the offender’s car or vehicle. In both of these scenarios, the camera image is then sent to a machine that prints out a photo of the violation and billing is sent directly to the offender’s home address, even if someone else was driving the vehicle.

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