First Aid Information In Case Of A Hurricane


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During a hurricane small injuries can often occur many times resulting in cuts, scrapes and puncture wounds. It is important to be prepared for these injuries and have a basic understanding of first aid. It is also crucially important to keep a basic first aid kit in your hurricane supplies, and to check that the kit is supplied before the storm season hits.

Depending on the seriousness of the injury you should make the decision of whether or not to call an ambulance. If the wound is serious you should attempt to control the bleeding while waiting for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to arrive.

During a hurricane the high winds can cause small object such as branches and small tools to become dangerous projectiles. If the wound is a puncture wound and the object is still in the victim DO NOT REMOVE the item. In many cases of puncture wounds the item is actually controlling the bleeding in the wound and if remove can cause the victim to bleed out of control.

If you are dealing with a puncture wound of this nature surround the object with gauze and wait for EMS to transport the victim to the hospital.

Most cuts and scrapes can be dealt with without EMS coming out and since hurricanes can cause flooding EMS may not even be able to reach you. Cuts and scrapes should be cleaned to help prevent infection. Bleeding will slow as the blood starts to clot, to help speed the clotting process apply pressure to the site of the wound with clean gauze. If possible elevate the injured part of the body to slow the blood flow. Once the cut has been cleaned and the bleeding controlled coven with a bandage or gauze secured with first aid tape. If the cut is wide or long use butterfly strips to close the wound and cover with gauze or a large bandage.

Be sure to clean the wound and change the bandage twice daily.


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