Mailbox with Locking Door: First Preventive Step - Americans Fall Prey to Identity Theft Every Year


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Did you know that almost one million Americans fall prey to identity theft every year? Not only can identity theft lead to a variety of financial complications, but it is also an expensive and time-consuming process to resolve. Nevertheless, as individuals try to improve security measures for electronic data, most forget to protect the source of information that is most easily accessible: their mail. In today's world, a mailbox with locking door is only the first preventive step one can take.

Identity theft is estimated to be a billion dollar “industry" in the United States. Every year, Americans across the country are faced with the uncomfortable reality that someone other than themselves is using their personal information. Unfortunately, what most people don't realize is just how susceptible most of them are. In many cases, identity thieves have easy access to all of the information they need, right from a person's mailbox.

In many areas of the country, such problems have lead to the building of brick and masonry mailboxes. Unfortunately, many citizens are unaware of the rules governing such constructions. For example, it is often required that masonry mailboxes be at least 10 feet from the roadway or road right of way. A distance shorter than this can be considered a serious traffic hazard. Those who violate such laws can find themselves faced with fines and the cost of removing their masonry mailboxes.

The CurbVault™ is the most effective theft-proof mailboxes. Its 1/8-inch steel plating is nearly indestructible, guaranteeing that the personal information contained within won't get into the wrong hands. The CurbVault™ is built in two layers. The first of these is smaller, and can be easily accessed by anyone: this is the outgoing mail slot. The second, however, employs a drop box mechanism to allow mail to enter, but it makes unlawful retrieval of this mail very difficult indeed. The only easy way to get the mail out of the CurbVault's™ 3,200 square inch interior shaft is to use the special rear-lock door. The CurbVault™ comes in a variety of colors and can be installed wherever one might put a regular mailbox. It is designed to include features such as rain channels, a mildew-resistant exterior, and rust-resistant hinges. Installation is fast and easy; it doesn't require a concrete base to be secure. To learn more about The CurbVault™, contact CurbVault™ Mail Theft Solutions, Inc. , at 1-866-990-MAIL, otherwise via the wed site at:


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