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If you’ve had the chance to go into a big financial institute like a bank or the stock exchange, or the cash register section in a convenience store, you will notice that there are closed circuit televisions (CCTV) monitoring each transaction. CCTV is a collection of television cameras that receive live feed from a cable, antenna or satellite system and are used for surveillance purposes.

Experiments using CCTV were initially done in the United Kingdom during the 70s. They were manufactured to help increase security in financial institutions but were not widely accepted until a government report written in 1994, supported their use. After that, CCTV cameras were installed in parking garages, public areas like parks and transportation stations like train and bus stations. With the help of these monitoring systems, criminals have been caught in the act and questionable behavior of individuals in public places is caught on camera and a crime is prevented before it can take place. Cameras installed on streetlights have also proved effective in identifying traffic violations like speeding and running red lights.

Casinos use elaborate surveillance systems throughout their establishments. With literally millions of dollars changing hands every minute, the casino industry has every reason to ensure the security of their compound. They have hundreds of cameras installed in the floors that monitor the movements of employees and players. They have highly sophisticated facial recognition systems that can identify possible criminals or past offenders. The cameras they use are equipped with infrared systems that identify hidden objects obscured from the vision of the security personnel.

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