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For exploring the ways to design by oneself a home surveillance system, it is advisable and helpful to grasp the significance of a few fundamental concepts for making informed choices. It is not difficult for the average person to do just that, if a proper guide is at hand.

By being at ease with the matter, one can ask the right questions and establish one’s goals without becoming overwhelmed by lots of facts whose meaning and importance may be difficult to appreciate.

Then one can examine which of the alternatives is indeed meeting one’s requirements. Selection of the most suitable home surveillance system components will follow with confidence.

Closed Circuit Television components, as well as many other electronic devices, are now much more economic to purchase and operate than they were only a few years ago, and therefore they are now much more popular.

Closed Circuit simply means that the signals picked up by the cameras are not broadcast over the air, but are fed directly to monitors, to be observed wherever and whenever convenient.

Learning a few basic concepts will help us making sense of the language of people of the trade proposing us their CCTV surveillance ware. Otherwise how will we decide, if unable to get what they are talking about?

Therefore one should deal in some detail with the subjects and terms proper to this industry, to prepare the foundations on which to build essential understanding. It can be done much easier by keeping it simple, as much as possible.

The role of capturing images for CCTV surveillance is entrusted to the camera. Camera performance depends largely upon the reflected light available at the scene to be surveyed, and upon the quality of its most important component, the imager or sensitive element.

The overall quality of reproduction will depend however on that of the weakest link in the chain. Therefore a uniform quality level should be selected for all elements, to display images of useful quality at a reasonable cost.

A few fundamental concepts play an important role when coming to select a CCTV Surveillance system. It is therefore necessary to understand what they mean and how they apply in practice to the features of different components. These terms are listed hereafter:

  • Video signal
  • Illumination
  • Lighting
  • Sensitivity
  • Resolution

    An understanding of these terms in plain language, as available elsewhere, is needed to get confidence with the information provided in data sheets for the equipment one may wish to consider, and also to appreciate the different alternatives.

    Once suitable foundations are secured it is easier to accomplish by oneself a home surveillance project.

    Elia Levi is a retired engineer. He built a website to assist with a step-by-step Guide to understand, design, select and set up, all by yourself the best and least expensive surveillance system for your home security. Read more on the subject of this article at http://www.1st-diy-home-surveillance-guide.com/CCTV-surveillance.html

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