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More and more people are using self-defense products. It is a reality because of how dangerous living in a modern city has become, with the almost daily attacks, murders, rapes, and other crimes. But it is also because self-defense products are so easy.

It’s no secret that other forms of self-defense, like judo, kickboxing, and other types of martial arts, are very effective in protecting yourself against attackers. But they are also all very labor intensive and time intensive. That means you have to spend hours of your free time getting into top-notch physical shape, as well as learning the martial art itself. That can be no easy feat, especially if you are out of shape or if you are not athletically gifted.

Flat out, martial arts can just be too much for someone with a busy schedule. Whether you work a 60-hour week, or have two babies at home—or work 12 hours a day and have two babies—most modern folks are living too hectic a lifestyle when it comes to devoting themselves to something as time intensive as martial arts.

That leaves self-defense products as a best bet when it comes to protecting yourself from attackers. They are easy to find on the market, whether you’re looking at a trusted online vendor or you are shopping in an old-fashioned and usually more expensive brick and mortar store. Plus, as a whole, they are not as expensive as enrolling in a three-month karate course at the local gym. What’s more, self-defense products are always there for you when you need them, and take very little training when it comes down to actually using them against an attacker.

But there are some tricks to buying the right self-defense products. First, you should know why you need them. For instance, if you are a college co-ed and are worried about getting attacked when you walk home from the library at night, your best bet is a device that can be easily carried in your backpack or purse. This is where a spray canister of pepper spray would come in handy. There are also self-defense products that are designed to look like real items. For instance, you can buy a stun gun disguised as a cell phone, or a pen containing pepper spray .

This is also important because you don’t want to load yourself down with too many self-defense products. Say you are a girl, and unfortunately, you get attacked. You want to be able to reach quickly into your purse and pull out the pepper spray. You don’t want to reach into your purse, and then have to pause as you choose between the pepper spray, taser, mace, pistol, and switch blade. Keep it simple, and keep yourself safe. A great option is to attach a small canister of pepper spray to your keys for quick and easy access.

Also, don’t get in over your head with the self-defense products. There are a lot of different options out there, and all of them advertise the protection you need. But do you really see yourself using a gun? Could you actually use a taser on someone? Or throw that ninja star your brother gave you? Hopefully, you’ll never have to use your self-defense products, but if you do, you want to make sure you can and have no qualms about using them. Be sure to choose safety products that will work well for you and are easy to operate.

Angela Stocklin is the co-founder of Safety Chest. Safety Chest carries a complete line of self defense products for your personal protection. For more information about Safety Chest please visit


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