Residential Security Mailboxes Have Become a Hot Button Issue Over the Last Couple of Years


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Residential mail security has become a hot button issue over the last couple of years, as reported incidents of mail theft increase and become more serious. More than just the fooling around of some isolated hooligans, mail theft nowadays can lead to serious crimes like identity theft. Credit cards, bank statements, personal documents, basically anything that arrives through the mail can be used by criminals for their own nefarious purposes.

A mailbox, like any other container, is only as secure as it's designed to be. For many years, the traditional mailbox, which was designed with no safety features whatsoever, served America well; nowadays, however, its usefulness is beginning to wane. A sharp rise in identity and mail theft have shown people that the old-style mailboxes are more than just too small-they are also simply too easily-accessible to stay in use.

Residential mailboxes are typically small and flimsy affairs. This may not matter much if you never receive anything valuable through the mail. Chances are, however, in this era of internet shopping and freely-distributed credit cards, that occasionally, that flimsy little container finds itself holding quite valuable contents. If this in itself doesn't make you nervous, then maybe the practically epidemic rise in mail and identity theft over the past ten years will make you begin to think twice about where your mail is being kept on a regular basis

The CurbVault™ is the most effective theft-proof mailboxes. Its 1/8-inch steel plating is nearly indestructible, guaranteeing that the personal information contained within won't get into the wrong hands. The CurbVault™ is built in two layers. The first of these is smaller, and can be easily accessed by anyone: this is the outgoing mail slot. The second, however, employs a drop box mechanism to allow mail to enter, but it makes unlawful retrieval of this mail very difficult indeed. The only easy way to get the mail out of the CurbVault's™ 3,200 square inch interior shaft is to use the special rear-lock door. The CurbVault™ comes in a variety of colors and can be installed wherever one might put a regular mailbox. It is designed to includes features such as rain channels, a mildew-resistant exterior, and rust-resistant hinges. Installation is fast and easy; it doesn't require a concrete base to be secure. To learn more about The CurbVault™, contact CurbVault™ Mail Theft Solutions, Inc. , at 1-866-990-MAIL, otherwise via the web site at


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