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If you have been salivating for a true home theater experience a projector beats any of the new fangled television technologies any time.

Think about it, you can get images up to 120 inches whereas the largest plasmas or rear projection TVs are only 70 inches in diagonal length. Furthermore, these huge televisions cost an exorbitant amount ranging from $5000 to $10,000.

Compare them to budget projector models which sell for less than $1,500. Now's really a good time to consider them. They used to cost many thousands of dollars and prices have since fallen.

Now the market is in favor of new projector technologies such as LCD or DLP which utilize compact digital image chips which have brighter light output than CRT technologies. Now there's no need to completely see your movie in total darkness. A dimly lit room will do just as fine.

The older CRT technology were heavier at over 100 pounds. These new generation of projectors are compact and light. They weigh from 5 to 15 pounds. You can carry the lighter ones around. There's no need to rush home to watch your live sports programme. You can just simply bring it wherever you want. An example would be watching a movie in a friend's house. A compact projector is a great idea if you have several houses since there's no need to buy a projector for every home. One projector will do simply fine.

Their small size is a boon. They may either be placed on a coffee table or be mounted on a ceiling. Imagine the mammoth hulk of a projection TV taking up your previous living room space which otherwise could have been used in more better ways.

New projectors boast an array of connectivity options which regular television sets lack. You can hook it up to your PC enabling you to surf super sized web pages, watch slide show of your digital camera photos or play computer games.

Nowadays you have the option of either having a projection screen or simply using the wall to project the image on.

Setting up is easy and new projectors offer simpler solution. Normally your entertainment console consisting of all the various components such as DVD Player, Cable set top box and other AV components will be in front of the living room while the projector will be mounted at the back of the room. So how do you reconcile the difference in location for all these gizmos? You either had to move all the components back or simply lay cables from the various sources to the projector behind.

The writer is the webmaster of Buy Home Theater which covers the various aspects about buying a home theater.

Now there's wireless projector allowing you to bring your projector from room to room without worrying about wires and cables.


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