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First step after you decided to have theater speakers at home is to choose the suitable product. Speakers can have various shapes and characteristics and some of them are pintable. There are two kinds of on wall home theater speakers. The round speakers are usually integrated in ceiling and rectangular speakers suit better in walls.

Ceiling speakers are usually easier to integrate in the room decoration and have to be disposed symmetrical to provide an excellent background frequency response. On wall home theater speakers take up more space and should be situated at ear level, but usually their sound is better than in ceiling speakers. For best performance it is recommended to use stereo pairs of on wall speakers. But ceiling speakers should have mono signal, otherwise the sound will not have a uniform coverage. For small rooms the most suitable are speakers with dual voice coils and inputs for each channel. So, with a single stereo speaker, you may listen into your bathroom great quality music.

After you choose the rooms where yow want to install your speakers, you can set-up your multi-room speaker system as single zone or multiple zone system. In a multi zone system you can listen to different kind of music in separate room in the same time. You may control this system with a special remote control or you can choose to be helped by a touch screen. Touch screens are easily to work with, and are very helpful when you want to manage different sound sources from each room or to compensate the loss of high frequency response in a less acoustic place.

The in ceiling or on wall home theater speakers are generally easy to install but for sophisticated sound system it is better to consult qualified professional for assistance.

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on wall home theater speakers

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