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With digital technology becoming increasingly available, camcorders—both low- and high-range—are finding digital reformation. A few years back, camcorders back looked bulkier, were heavy weight, were difficult to carry, and lacked features that are available now. The digital camcorder avatar answers many of the questions asked by both professionals as well as amateurs.

Cameras that used big clunky tapes are now being replaced by chips that are small and with much larger memory sizes. DV tapes that were used until a few years back needed tape adapters for connecting to a VHS VCR or intertwined cables that make out a movie-maker’s muddle.

Now that the digital camcorders are available, people just love them. Camcorders with three-chip facility have many things to offer, like better image quality, more options to manage, and larger memory size that allows you to continue shooting for a longer time.

Digital camcorders available in the market today make viewing easier with the LCD screen that is provided on the side. LCD screens help see all that has been recorded and additional information like battery charge and camera and recording mode. However, the latest models also offer a touch-screen facility that helps in controlling the adjustments while it is still viewed on the LCD.

Today’s digital camcorders come in two basic sizes, horizontal and upright. Horizontal camcorders have a longer base area with the lens at the front and a hand strap on the side. As a general rule, high-end professional camcorders have the best video quality, making them the most sought after. Upright models, however, have a vertical orientation, a sleek body, and a lens at the top. These are lighter than their counterparts and are a must buy for travelers and professionals who find it too painstaking to carry a camera over their shoulders all day long.

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