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After purchasing a home theater projector, unless it is a portable projector and a portable screen, it is necessary to mount the projector and screen so that the picture can be properly transposed onto the theater projector screen.

Hopefully, by this point in time, the relevant factors for setting up a home theater system have been well planned but that is not always the case.

Maybe the home theater was received as a gift, or maybe a spouse or friend purchased the projector without considering how it was going to be used.

The projector mounts and the theater projector setup for both the screen and the projector unit are as important as any factor in order to get the optimal performance quality from a home theater projection system.

Screen Mount

Many screens for home theater systems are portable, meaning they can be easily stored away when they are not in use. Some of the projector screens will have to be mounted to either a wall mount, a floor mount or in some cases, to a ceiling mount.

What factors should be considered when deciding where to mount the projection screen?

Like any home furnishing, the home theater projector screen is part of the interior design or décor of the home, or at least of one particular room. If there are children in the home, or perhaps pets, it may be advisable install the projector screen mounts on the ceiling. This can often be done quickly and easily as there is usually no wiring needed for the screen. The projector mount has different needs which must be considered before mounting.

The home theater projector must be setup at a certain distance to get the best quality from a home theater system, whether at the minimum distance, the maximum distance or somewhere in between. Keeping the distance constant will insure better consistency and better quality experiences from the home theater projection unit.

The Projector Unit

Mounting options for a home projector vary, but the most common types are wall mounts, ceiling mounts and recessed mounts.

The wall mount is perhaps the most common mount used for the screen and projector. It is important to consider the wiring needs when deciding which mount to use. For a wall mount, wires are frequently exposed along the wall. They can sometimes be hidden or fished through the wall to be more aesthetically appealing.

The ceiling mount is also very popular for the home theater projector. The two major factors to be considered for a ceiling mount are the clearance from the home theater projection unit as well as the swivel capabilities of the ceiling mount itself. If there is not sufficient clearance to mount the projector under the ceiling mount while allowing it to be moved, it will be difficult to properly lineup and adjust your home theater system. Wiring can also be a factor here, but usually there is enough room in the ceiling to allow for easy access to wire the unit.

If it can be accomplished, the recessed mount is a favorite among many home theater owners. The recessed mount is a recession (Like a shelf) built into an existing wall. This alleviates unsightly wires and offers perhaps the best protection for your home theater projector.

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