6 Benefits Of Using Induction Cooktops

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Induction Cooktops

The kitchen is an integral part of every home and it is incomplete without kitchen appliances. Since we live in a modern era, everything is modern including the kitchen appliances. These machines have changed our lives and also the way we cook. They have introduced faster ways to prepare delicious food in comparatively less time. Induction cooktops are among those type of modern kitchen equipment that has become a household name now. People have started to accept induction cooktops in their kitchens rather than age-old gas stovetops. It has provided us with an option to have a faster and easier medium of cooking. Induction cooktops are a must nowadays, as they have become an essential part of our fast lives. Now, the question arises how induction cooker can change the way we cook? The answer to this question can be found in the list of beneficial features attached to this equipment.

1. High-speed Heating

You may give a reaction like ‘this is impossible’ but induction cooktops provide instant heat to cook food when compared to gas cooktops. The technology used for raising the heat level instantly without wasting time is electromagnetism. The heat level can be adjusted according to the requirements of the cook; thus, customising the cooking. Normally, it takes about 10 minutes to boil one-litre water, whereas electromagnetism boils one-litre water in about three to four minutes.

2. Welfare & Safety

Safety is one of the major concerns when it comes to cooking on gas especially when you have small children around. Burning of fingers or hands are common drawbacks attached to cooking on gas. Use of induction cooktops eliminates the risks involved in terms of safety. The cooking unit automatically turns off when you take the cooking utensil off the burner. Adding to this, one can touch the burner after few seconds without any threat of getting burned. This safety feature is one of the most important reasons why you must have an induction cooker in your kitchen.

3. Clean & Fresh

No matter what quantity of food you are cooking, you can not run away from cleaning the gas cooktops. Irrespective of how careful you be while cooking, it is impossible to avoid food spill on the gas surface. When you are cooking through conventional medium there are many places that are specialised in hiding baked food. Induction cooktops have relieved us with this headache and simplified the cleaning task. The surface becomes cool after few seconds and can be cleaned with a piece of cloth. Easy cleaning facilitates in maintaining shiny and scratch-free surface.

4. Lessens Wastage of Energy

Using induction cooker minimises wastage of heat as it supplies energy directly to the cooking utensil with the help of an electromagnetic field. It is said that while using gas cooktops 40 percent of the energy is used to cook food whereas induction cooker supplies about 84 percent energy to cook food. This feature ultimately reduces the temperature of the kitchen by providing heat only to the food; thus giving you a cooler and sustainable kitchen.

5. Trouble-free Installation

Slim and sleek design of induction units allow you to install it effortlessly on your cooking area. The unit does not take much space (vertically) on the surface and is designed to be accessed even by people on wheelchair. When less space of cooking area is occupied then the remaining space can also be used effectively for other purposes.

6. Easy To Maintain

These cooktops do not require continuous maintenance and paying off bills, unlike gas cookers. Induction cookers are powered by electricity just like any other electronic equipment at your home. No need to have a gas subscription as the energy consumed will be added to the electricity bill.

Therefore, the traditional way of cooking on gas cooktops has taken a back seat when it comes to convenience and simplicity. The new age life requires everything to be fast and easy, leaving us with no option other than finding ways to complete our tasks in less time with more productivity. Maybe, someday, there will be a time when cooking on gas will be at the place where today cooking on the coal-based stove is. Take a chance and buy induction cooktops for a modern cooking experience.


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