A Few Steps To Follow For Cleaning An Induction Cooktop

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Induction cooktops are a must-have for every households. Several well-known cooks or chefs also rely on these for a much faster and flexible approach to cooking. Induction cooktops have enhanced the cooking experience as a whole for those who were actually scared of burning their fingers from the gas flames and therefore, refrained themselves from cooking. When you have an indusction cooktop in your kitchen, you need not worry! It is the smart way of cooking and there is no way that you can get any burns while cooking anything on these!

Cooking on an induction is not only a good choice from the safety point of view, but these also provides a big relief from the headache of cleaning the cooking oven area. Cleaning an induction cooktop is as easy as pie! One only has to follow a particular procedure for cleaning the induction cooktops for maintaining durability of the appliance as the surface is made up of glass ceramic which should be handled with care. So, here in this article, we will see the details about cleaning induction cooktops for keeping it shiny and scartch-free.

Regular Cleaning Method

  • Induction cooktops tak just a few seconds to cool down after you cook something on it. So, you should wait for some time and then wipe off the cooking spills with a damp sponge or cloth from the cooktop.

  • Now, spray some cooktop cleaner on the surface and then rub gently with a paper towel until and unless the cooking spills get wiped off totally.

  • Once everything is done, use a dry piece of cloth and wipe off the cooktop cleaner from the surface.

Cleaning of the Hardened Residues

  • After cleaning the induction cooktop surface, pour a few drops of white vinegar and clean hard water on the cooktop for cleaning solid cooking spills.

  • In case the residues have become hard, you can use some ceramic cooktop cleaner and wipe it off with a clean cooktop cleaner pad. Repeat the action for better results.

  • You can also apply a scraper gently onto the surface of the cooktop, but be sure to avoid any scratches. This will remove the remaining dirt.

  • You can use a paper towel instead of a dry cloth for cleaning the excessive dirt and oil of the surface. However, you need to be gentle while cleaning the cooktop as it is very delicate to handle.

Cleaning different parts of Induction Cooker

  • Stainless Steel area : While cleaning the stainless steel part of an induction cooktop, always use a tender cleaner, like soapy water. Apply this soapy water on the stainless steel part of the cooktop and clean it up with a dry cloth. Avoid leaving any kind of watermarks by cleaning thoroughly.

  • Cooktop Surface : Surface of the induction cooktops are made up of glass ceramic. The high sensitivity of the material makes it fall under the category of ‘fragile’. As mentioned earlier, a creamy cooktop cleaner must be applied and the area should be cleaned with a dry cloth or paper towel.

  • Getting rid of any watermark: There are possibilities that a few watermarks will get settled down on the surface area of the cooktop which is not at all a good sight. These stains disturb the beauty of an induction cooktop. Don't worry! you can remove it by using undiluted white vinegar and a piece of dry cloth. This will help you to maintain the shine of the cooktop.

Things to avoid while cleaning an Induction Cooker

  • Any kind of steam jet or high-pressure cleaner should be avoided while cleaning the cooktop. It may severely damage the surface and may also leave scratches.

  • Ammonia-based cleaners are a big ‘no-no'! If you wish to keep your appliance healthy for a long period of time, it is advisable to be gentle with whatever you do.

  • Instruction manual is also provided with the induction cooktops which describes the proper cleaning methods. So, it's preferable for the users to stick to those instructions and follow the same for better maintenance of the appliance.


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