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Voodoo Knife Block A knife holder that you can stab countless times


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The most unique knife holder is in the block! Make way for the all new Voodoo Knife Block! It is the most practical and fun way to store your kitchen knives. You will be left speechless with its uniqueness.

This marvelous creative concept has been lifted from the actual voodoo practice where a doll is pricked with pins in various places to inflict pain on an actual person. Here, a plastic figurine of a leaning man plays the role of the voodoo doll as well as the knife holder. Various slots have been made on strategic locations on this figurine to accommodate the knives. To place the knives, you will have to literally stab through the perforated slots of the figurine. It is so real that you will feel like you are actually practicing voodoo! This is the magic of the Voodoo Knife Block.

Each Voodoo Knife Block is equipped with 5 razor sharp knives to assist you with your day-to-day cooking tasks. Made from premium-quality Molybdenum and Vanadium Stainless Steel, these knives are thousand times better than the ones that are made from ordinary stainless steel in terms of durability and sharpness.

Feel the difference when you carve your meat with our carving knife. Get that extra-ordinary precision with our amazing paring knife. Dice your veggies in record time with our stunning chef's knife. Cut out perfect bread slices using our high-performing bread knife. And of course, our handy utility knife is always available to take care of your other cutting needs. Yes. Our knives are so sharp that you will feel like you are cutting butter every time! They have all its takes to handle your toughest cutting tasks. The handles too have been designed with supreme ergonomic technology in order to facilitate firm grip.

To prevent any accidents or injuries, each knife in the Voodoo Knife Block is provided with its very own plastic cover. The knives should placed in their protective covers when not in use as they are very much sharper than the ordinary kitchen knives. Also, as an added safety measure, each slot in the figurine has been magnetically charged so that each knife is held firmly in its place. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use the plastic covers.

You can easily buy your Voodoo Knife Block over the internet. The Voodoo Knife Block comes in various attractive colors. Are you the aggressive type? Choose red! Are you fond of sleek and shiny decors? Take your pick from our classy chrome and shiny black. Do you wish to make your Voodoo Knife Block to stand out from rest of your decors? Choose pink. Cannot come to any decision? You know you cannot go wrong with classic white!

The Voodoo Knife Block has quickly become one of the most preferred kitchen gadget. And why not? It is indeed a wonderful mélange of quality, fun and uniqueness! With all new Voodoo Knife Block, you can have an instant access to your kitchen knives and have some harmless voodoo fun as well! Its unique design is bound to leave everyone speechless. So folks, what are you waiting for? Get ready for some voodoo fun. Get your very own Voodoo Knife Block today and start stabbing!

Voodoo Knife Block

Voodoo Spells That Work


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