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The Briquette Maker-Save Money And The Planet


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Winter is now well and truly upon us and evenings in at home with a log fire are an invitation we are all reluctant to decline. There is something about the ambience of sitting in and watching a good movie or turning the pages of an excellent novel in front of a long fire which makes us all wish that time would stand still.

Now if your are fortunate enough to have an open fire in your living room or a log burner, they are not free to run as you know. The fire needs fuel and the most popular chosen fuel is wood logs which can be purchased from most local hardware stores. These logs do not break the bank, but you do have the problem of transporting them to your home and then of course you do need an area to store them.

Now if there was a cheaper and easier method of fuelling your fire, would you use this method ? Yes would be the most popular answer as all of us enjoy saving money and we can go as far as saying that most of us enjoy having easier options and an easier life. Why make more work for yourself ?

Well there is an easier and cheaper method of fuelling your fire and that is with a briquette maker. These tools are usually constructed from steel and are used to compress paper, cardboard and junk mail in to briquettes. These paper briquettes can be used on your fire and each briquette will give you approximately 2 hours of burning time.

On average a household throws out 500 Kg of waste paper, cardboard and junk mail. What a waste! This is free fuel for you. All you need is a briquette maker and the waste paper. There is a little work to do and you need to soak all the paper. Once wet, you then place all the sodden paper in the briquette maker and compress. The result is a paper log which needs to be dried out. Once dried out the paper log can be used on your fire and will not give off any toxic fumes or leave you with masses of ash.

So save yourself money, do you bit for the environment by helping preserve the forests and reducing landfill and enjoy your home fire with a clear conscience and a thicker wallet.

To read more on the briquette maker check out The Briquette Maker.


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