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Like all machinery, compressors can also be bought used at a reduced price. There are a few factors to consider before deciding whether you should buy a used compressor. Some possible problems can be seen upon inspection of the machine’s exterior, while some others are nested deep inside the internal parts of the compressor.

Compressors should have as few signs of external damage as possible. This includes scratches, metallic/plastic malformations, cable damage, and missing parts (wheels or handlebars, for example). Someone might believe that a few minor scratches do not mean anything. Although to a certain extent this is true, scratches and other signs of minor cosmetic damage are an indication of how well the machinery has been treated and how well the internal parts work.

Machinery that has been respected and appears to be good from outside is more likely to operate normally than machinery that has suffered external damages. Moreover, damage to the tank is very dangerous. If you consider buying a compressor, then you should definitely make sure that the tank doesn’t have any malformations or other signs of severe damage. Scratches might possibly be acceptable, but anything more than that may lead to serious accidents.

Additionally, there are many major aspects that have to be considered before making a decision about a compressor. As a buyer, you should get an estimate of how many hours the compressor has operated over its lifetime. This is very important to know since compressors do have an expiration date. Moreover, you should obtain information about how hard the compressor has worked as well as how frequently the oil has been changed. Ask about the oil that has been used as well as the reason the compressor is being sold, and try to make an agreement that includes terms similar to a guarantee.

Finally, hire an expert on the subject to give you advice about the specific compressor that you are considering for purchase. Most experts can tell you about the state of a compressor simply by listening to the sound it produces while it operates.

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