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Electronic air cleaners are another form of air filters. These filters use electrostatic precipitation, static charge, or particle ionization to remove particles that have been sapped in by a fan through a foam pre-filter. What happens at this point is that larger particles are caught and charged by a high-voltage wire, which is then captured in the precipitating cell. From here, a carbon filter removes the odors and a post filter removes other remaining particles. Pre-filters used in this form can remove mold, tobacco smoke, bacteria and a large percentage of household dust

There are also other forms of electronic cleaners that are available on the market. Electric cleaners are one example. In addition to the foam pre-filter and carbon filter, these types of cleaners also use polyester and cellulose fibers with a static charge to capture particles. Another type is the Negative Ionizer, which also uses foam pre-filters and carbon filters. It is distinctive because it has charged wires, which create ions. The fan then blows these charged particles into the room, and they accumulate on walls and room surfaces. There are also ionic air cleaners that do not use filters; instead, they just utilize electricity to make particles in the air become heavy and drop to the ground. They do not blow air through a membrane like HEPA air cleaners; instead, they circulate negative ions throughout the air

Ozone generation cleaners are the least popular type of electronic cleaner. They use high-voltage electrical charges to convert oxygen to ozone. High concentrations of ozone can destroy gas molecules and certain microorganisms. However, there is a downside to this type of air cleaner. The North Carolina Department of Environmental, Health, and Natural Resources has recommended that people NOT use this type of cleaner, because ozone has proven to be hazardous to people’s health, which defeats the purpose of using the air filters in the first place.

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