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The arguments why real Christmas trees are better than artificial Christmas trees


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When the last few months of the year come about everybody gets in the Christmas spirit. Shops normally kick-start the Christmas sensation by presenting Christmas crackers, decorations and Christmas cards. Then comes along the prevalent Christmas Coke advert, which seems to be coming on earlier and earlier every year! Having said that, in addition to all the commercial promotion and manufactured part of Christmas, it wouldn't really exist without the existence of the tree. If you check with your friends and family you can be certain they will have a Christmas Tree in their home, whether it be an artificial one or a classic genuine fur Christmas Tree. Numerous debates happen at that time of year concerning individual's personal preferences on man-made trees or the real ones. Keep reading to learn why the classic legitimate Christmas tree is the one to select.

Are you aware that real Christmas trees develop Oxygen? Well they do, and it's a crucial ingredient for all living things as we can't survive without it. That is not all, they also take in dangerous gases such as Carbon Dioxide, which is another advantage of the real trees as they conserve the environment by simply existing. Whilst protecting the surroundings by soaking up these dangerous gases, they are furthermore homes to animals in the wild for instance birds, which make nests in them. How can you get it wrong in purchasing something which virtually aids us to survive?

One main reason people use for having fake Christmas trees is they can easily use them again in future years and save on waste. As much as a good factor this is, the factor of what components are made use of to create the artificial trees is not even regarded. PVC is the material used for fake trees which is basically thought to be among the most environmentally hazardous forms of non-renewable, petroleum-derived plastic. In the operation of making PVC, extremely damaging toxins are generated which pollutes neighbourhoods near to the production facilities. Regarding the waste area of real Christmas trees , they can simply be recycled. The branches and small needles may be a type of fertiliser when left on grass and the logs can be utilised as fire wood. It's pretty much like the circle of life! Why would you desire to display man made trees which are so dangerous to the environment at the festive Christmas time? Let's be honest, Christmas is about appreciating what we have and not all about the “artificial” aspect of things.

Another advantage of real Christmas trees is they do not mess your house up. Several people with synthetic trees have to discover area in the attic or loft to stash the tree, while real ones can easily be recycled as mentioned previously. There is also the fresh smell that comes along with the real trees, it's so attracting and homely just like the fragrance of fresh bread in a bakery. Some people will say it doesn't feel like Christmas until the smell of the tree is there!

To sum up, I believe it is easy to say that real Christmas trees are undoubtedly more beneficial over man-made ones. Just how can you fail with such a conventional, ecological and spiritual thing at the time of Christmas?


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