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Scary Creatures For Halloween


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Since Halloween is one of the most celebrated festivals of the season, it is no wonder that people really go the extra mile to make the most out of it through parties, creepy decorations, and of course, scary costumes. With barely a week to go before Halloween, party-deprived individuals and party animals alike must be raving about the many costume events leading up to October 31. Which costume to wear -sexy, Hollywood inspired, etc-is another factor that compounds people's Halloween jitters.

Don't let the costume situation get to you. There are many costume ideas to choose from if you really want to be the talk of the town during this season of fright. You can let the true you come out by dressing up as a fictional character, sexy vixen, or a Hollywood pop princess. But then again, if you really want to stay true to the spirit of Halloween, you can never go wrong with scary creatures.

Scary creatures never get out of style during Halloween. No matter how many new concepts and Halloween costume ideas come out, they often turn out to be just a phase that would soon be overshadowed by scary creatures for Halloween. These Halloween strange creatures are just like your favorite pair of jeans-they never run out of style.

Scary creatures for Halloween enthusiasts are always in. If you want to really look the part, scary creatures for Halloween range from the paranormal to the creepiest and most nightmarish. Here are just some of the top scary creatures that you could use as inspiration for your costume.


Doppelgangers are ghostly and evil creatures that can shapeshift into an image of a living person. The word “doppelgänger" is of German origin which literally means “double goer". It is a word that often describes the phenomenon whereby someone catches a glimpse of his own image out of the corner of his eyes. In some traditions, it is considered as an omen or an apparition of an unfortunate event that's bound to happen.


Often depicted as scary creatures with wings and demonic features, gargoyles are entities that are believed to protect buildings from evil spirits.


Manticores are feared man-eating creatures that have a body of a lion, a tail of poisonous spines, and according to some sightings, a face that resembles a human's. With its tail of spines, and triple rows of teeth, a manticore is a stealth killer that can swallow its victims whole without leaving any trace.

Nagas and Naginis

These are serpent-like creatures that resemble human from the waist up, and snakes from the waist down. The males are known as Nagas while females are known as Naginis. They are limbless and often depicted as cobra-like in movement.


Wendigo, “the spirit of lonely places" is a cannibalistic spirit that can possess humans. Wendigos are thought to possess evil men. It is said that one can turn into a Wendigo through indulging in cannibalism. It is depicted as a tall thin creature that resembles a human being. It is also portrayed as someone twisted, fanged and bloodstained.

Scary creatures for Halloween are a great costume idea. Dressing up as one of these nightmarish creatures would not only pronounce the spirit of Halloween, but would also earn you some screams of fright, awe and gratification this thriller season.

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