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One of the best things about Halloween, is wearing a costume. If you have animals at home, why not consider a Halloween costume for pets? A Halloween costume for pets is usually made for an animal of the canine kind.

Cat owners know that the majority of felines wouldn't wear a costume. Dogs, on the other hand, are more tolerant. On the other hand, there are many dogs that won't want to wear Halloween costumes, either. Some will like them, and others certainly will not. Try a costume on your dog, and if he paws, pulls at it, or generally disagrees with it, take it off. It's never a good idea to force a pet to wear a costume.

There are several Halloween costume styles. You have t-shirts, vests, capes, bandannas, and hats. Imagine your dog flying through the room at full tilt, wearing a shining cape! How about a bumble bee costume for your pug? A witch's cape and hat for your terrier? Or what about a plain skeleton t-shirt for your pit bull?

Some dogs will wear vests, for example, but will not go for hats. Others may not like t-shirt, but will be fine with a bandannas. Many dogs that enjoy being around people, and getting lots of attention will like costumes.

If you can sew, try your hand at designing a costume for your pet. Patterns are available, as well. Have fun, and use thin fabrics that will keep your dog feeling cool.

As far as safety goes, masks are not good, as they may impair a dog's vision. Avoid anything with beads, or any loose pieces that an animal could chock on.

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