Honoring our Fathers


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This weekend as we celebrate Father’s Day, take an opportunity to express gratitude for the many wonderful fathers we see giving their love, support and guidance to our children on a daily basis.

Personally, in my own life, I am surrounded by them. From my own father, to my father-in-law, my husband and the many friends I am blessed to have. I see them at the supermarket, holding their child while attempting to shop; on the street riding their bikes, with their children cautiously proceeding ahead; at the gymnasium, proudly watching their daughter attempt her first cartwheel and at church gently kissing their son on the cheek.

Although mothers have typically been the nurturer in our society, fathers have a huge impact on the raising and development of our children. . A son will learn first hand from his father the balance between toughness and tenderness. Daughters look to their fathers for guidance and example on how to be treated by the men they will have in their lives. Fathers are there to give support and protect their most prized possession…family.

In the book, The Wonder Of Fathers, author C. R. Gibson writes…He goes by many names. He serves many roles. He’s a shoulder to cry on, to lean on, and to climb on. He can be quiet, boisterous, athletic, or scholarly. He is his son’s first role model and the first man his daughter will love. And no matter what else he does in his life, fatherhood will be his most important and fulfilling achievement.

For those of us who have been blessed to grow up with fathers in our lives, we are aware of the many roles they do play in our lifetime. They are a teacher from whom you learn many of your most important lessons. A coach who is always cheering for you no matter how good you are. Strong arms to pick you up when you fall or hug you for no reason at all. Fathers let you do things that mothers are to afraid to let you try. They are the voice of reason when you are attempting to solve one of life’s many problems. They are the voice of support and love when your heart has been just broken and the protector who vows no one will ever break your heart again.

This weekend take the opportunity to tell the fathers in your life just how important they are and how you appreciate them. Say a prayer for those families who do not have their fathers with them for whatever reason. Make Father’s Day a time to remember what is really important in this lifetime and when you nurture each other, everyone benefits.

Peggy Porter is a nurse, Wellness Coach, and author of YumME MumME Makeover-How to Balance Womanhood and Motherhood by Nurturing the Me in MumMe. If you are a Mom and want to start creating a healthier balance in your life, go to http://www.seekingbalance.ca and register for Peggy's free monthly teleclass and Ecourse! For more info you can also email peggy@seekingbalance.ca or call 506-832-0117.


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Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers
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