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Save Your Money - Save Your Planet - How to Create Costume Ideas Without Spending a Cent


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Create A Costume At No Cost

Save your money, save your environment! Why not create your own costumes without spending a cent by using items and articles at home. You will be left feeling a great sense of satisfaction, whilst having loads of fun using your imagination, style and flair.

Listen to all those comments that will have your admirers dazzled as they take in the pizzazz of your unique costume. There are a hundred things laying about the house which would make really great items for a costume so don't just limit yourself to looking in the wardrobe. Poke around cupboards, rifle through draws and look inside boxes.

Places to Find Great Ideas

To get your ideas flowing so that you can make a decision on which costume you would like to create, go online and visit a fancy dress store, where you will find an array of styles and colors with lots of tips and tricks to help you get started. This is a sure way to get those creative juices flowing.

Visit your child's bedroom and look at the color, the toys, and the items lying about. Open your mind to more possibilities and let ideas flow. A child's room is a treasure chest of ideas and in that treasure chest you are sure to find items that you could use for that next costume.

After you have visited a child's room, stop by your own room and check out your wardrobe. You are sure to find items of clothing that you no longer wear. Now that you have begun planning your costume you will have a better idea of which clothing would be suitable to pull apart and re-use as your latest costume design.

Some items of clothing that you may have long since stopped wearing, could easily transform into a gypsy skirt, Dracula cape, hippy vest or pirate pants. Without a doubt you will be saving heaps of money whilst recycling your clothes.

Tips And Tricks To Help You Out

Useful tip: Find a blanket box and fill it with anything which you may originally have thought to have thrown out. Many of these items can help to make the most

amazing costumes.

Start filling a blanket box or similar with the following items, and you will have the resources to make many an original costume in the future.

Old plastic or fabric flowers can be used to decorate the neckline of a dress or as a garland for the head.

Heavy curtains can serve as great fabric for a pirate's vest or even a medieval outfit.

Suede pillow cases with a V cut out of the top for the neckline and holes cut out of the either side can make an Indian (western) top.

Bath rugs, cut up and used for a Viking vest.

White sheets make the most amazing ghosts or mummies.

Mosquito netting is ideal for a gypsy skirt, genie pants or veil.

Hessian fabric makes great pants or a top for a scarecrow.

T. towels are ideal for headscarves for sheiks or shepherds.

Aluminum foil is also useful for anything to do with space or disco.

Vacuum pipe great for using as an attachment for a ghost busters backpack.

Coat hangers can be used as a basis for fairy wings.

Use straw to stuff a costume or use as hair for a scarecrow.

Headbands, pipe cleaners and foam balls make great lady beetle or bumble bee antennas.

Look around the house for small items, such as diamante buttons. They can make wonderful adornments to finish that special and unique costume off. Have you ever thought of getting a pair of old leggings and scrunching the bottoms with elastic? Add a few diamante buttons and now you have a jazzed up dance outfit. You have just created the Dancing Queen costume and it didn't cost you a cent!!

Glamour and Style With Color and Flair

It's amazing what you can do with a little planning and forethought. Here are some more suggestions to help you save your money.

Ornate clip on earrings have loads of uses and can adorn many a costume e. g. Accessorize a fabric choker, the neckline of a medieval dress; attach a cape to a roman toga or use as a jewel on an Indian or Arabian turban.

Old silver or gold belts (from the 70s) make up beautiful necklaces used by folk in medieval times.

Unique buttons can jazz up many a costume or adorn a neckline.

Colored beads help accessorize a 1920s flapper dress.

Buckles removed from belts are ideal for placing on leprechaun or elf shoes.

Curtain rings for attaching a 60s go-go skirt to a top.

Bottle corks to decorate a swagman's hat or cut in half and attached to a plain leather belt.

Why Not Have a Costume Making Party

To add to the fun, have you ever thought of having a costume making party? You could use this article as your guide. Gather your friend's together, throw a sausage on the bbq, or do a sausage sizzle if its cold, laugh away the afternoon and whip up some amazing costumes.

For more costume ideas visit Mandy O'Connor owner of Oke's Masquerade Fancy Dress Hire or visit Mandy will personally advise you on how best to create that special wow factor for your next costume without spending a cent. Your can make your next costume without any cost, save the environment and watch your bank balance going up.

Mandy O'Connor has been running a successful costume hire business for the past 14 years. She has a wealth of knowledge in the area of costume ideas, and will personally advise you on how next to create that dazzling costume. If you wish to find out more visit for more creative ideas.

She will personally advise you on how best to create and save money on your next creation.


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