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An Ode to an Adolescent's Birthday

Digan Sam

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[Disclaimer : The context appearing below was not written wholly on my personal experiences ; rather with a general perspective, including the experiences that I've come across ]

It is one of the most happiest days of our lives, of course some don't consider so. There is a lot of excitement when it comes to our Birthday.
Excitement 1 : One week before
Excitement 2 : A day before
Excitement 3 : Minutes before
Excitement 4 : On the birthday

But at the same times there are certain worries also , (as some consider)
Worry 1 : One week before
Worry 2 : A day before
Worry 3 : Minutes before
Worry 4 : On the birthday
Ok ok, I'll be more clear. I must have confused you by now. Feel boring ??
Ok , then we will keep short forms for each item. (i. e) Excitement 1 = E1 ; Ok, fine with you ?? “Good. . "
Now grouping ,

The ones

The E1 is that initial excitement wherein we desperately wait for that “Dday" to come. Expecting to have a day full of enjoyment with no scoldings from our parents ( which is an already well discussed issue with our parents and also assured by them )

W1 - this is when we gonna start worrying slightly if all would “wish us or not ?" . Mainly about the ones close to us & some people we like , would wish us at 12:00 in the night or at least on the Birthday or not. This initial worry seldom occurs in people .

The twos

E2 - Have the feeling that the day we were eagerly waiting for is getting closer & closer. And also we start getting that initial happiness of expecting gifts - if not for many ; at least one or two .
W2 - This is when we have a heavy feel of the disappointments mentioned earlier in W1. And we really start making our minds if we could really face those disappointments .

The threes

E3 - Desperately waiting for those few moments to fly and start getting those lovely sweet wishes from our dear friends and also from those we seldom talk or never talked before ( an over expectation slightly starts to rise within )

W3 - Apart from the disappointment getting heavier (which you should've guessed by now ) , we start worrying if a situation would arise wherein we should necessarily give a treat. And we start calculating among ourselves what would the cost add up to ?

And finally on the DAY

E4 - If our friends would have wished by now, we would be eagerly waiting to ‘see’ them & the others who have not wished - in college. If no one wished till now, then we would be eagerly waiting to see them, expecting all would wish us when they see us at least . And there is also that “extra-special" happiness awaiting us from the wishes to be given from the ones we like/love , though seldom spoken to.

W4 - This is the most nervous feeling of all. If none has wished us or just one or two have wished, we start making up our minds to handle the disappointments of all forgetting our b'day, which was the day we were awaiting so much ! . The other main worry parallely developing at this time is “Birthday BUMPS !" Only being a boy one would know what kind of a feeling this really is. It is something which would make us feel - “Goddddd ! Why was I born this particular day ? And the next immediate feeling is , even though its a happy moment to think that our friends have actually brought a cake for our birthday , (even though they never take a penny out from their pockets immediately , just expecting the other person to spend , which they consider as the ultimate smartness ) they utilise half the cake not by eating, but to test their creativity in painting art on our faces !

But crossing all these feelings, its only after we go there we would come to know how much of affection each has for us , lol, but definitely not the birthday bumps episode, where the same affectionate people would make all ends felt with their gentle soft touches ! I don't even have words to describe this episode. . Cos , I can still feel the pain “there" . And after all this at the end of the day we keep counting time , wanting some more of this day to continue

Whatever bad phase you are going through, when you realise that your birthday is fast approaching , you tend to loose that pinch of tension, hoping that at least on your birthday you can really enjoy , forgetting those worries ; you being the centre of attraction.

Maybe you are the optimistic kind ( experiencing more of the E's ) or the pessimistic kind ( experiencing more of W's ) but at the end it is a day you would have to wait for “another" year to experience it again . So be happy for it as in the future it might turn out to be a day the whole nation would take off from work.
" You never know ! “


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