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How Do it All Day Has Evolved in America


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Do It Day was named a holiday in America to encourage people to do all of those little jobs that they kept on putting off. A great way of encouraging people to get on with those jobs is to send them a free e-card prompting them. Over the years the selection of these free e-cards has grown tremendously and there are some really funny ecards to select from.

The great thing about sending an e card on Do It Day is that they are free. As a result you can send as many e-cards to as many family and friend members as you like. Each free e-card can have a personal message added. This means that you can personalize each ecard to each recipient. The fun thing is that you can then encourage them to get on with which ever little job that you still know needs doing.

This holiday exists thanks to the bubbling personality and exuberance of one woman. A productivity consultant, motivational speaker and trainer, Ethel Cook not only founded this celebration in 1993 to fulfill her goals of fighting procrastination and increasing productivity, but also provided all of the information about the holiday and the suggestions on how to observe it for this description.

Annually Do It! Day falls on the Wednesday following Labor Day, though Mrs. Cook suggests that any and every day is fitting for accomplishing all those pesky tasks that have been amounting for several millennia on your to-do-list.

To help point you in the direction of goal-orientation, there are several steps. First, you must determine what it is that you have to do. Most of us have lots of little jobs that are always the first to get put off and as a result, never get done.

Clearing up the enormous piles of paper on your desk, removing unnecessary computer or paper files, writing a long-overdue letter to a friend, or cleaning and decorating a particular part of the house that is normally an eyesore are a few examples of the kind of tasks that are most often disregarded or forgotten.

Make a list of all the activities that you've neglected to carry out and include a timed schedule and ideas on how you can most efficiently accomplish them. Get rid of as many distractions as possible and try not to rest until you've finished with your tasks. After doing so, reward yourself generously and schedule another personal Do It! Day soon.

Every year in America there are millions of free e-cards sent on Do It Day. There is a great choice of ecards to choose from and there are now some funny ecards available. They are sent all over the world and people can stay in touch with friends who are a long way away. Better still, the recipient can then immediately send you back a free e-card in reply to yours. So on Do It Day this year, prompt a friend or family member to get on with those jobs that need doing and send them a free e-card to jog their memory.

Andrew Gibson is MD of It has thousands of free ecards to choose from for birthdays and all occasions. Many people now send free e-cards to celebrate birthdays and select them from thousands of free e-cards


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