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What to Do This Year For Opposite Day


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This year to make opposite day special, try sending out a few free e-cards. They're sure to please people up, and best of all cost you nothing. You could show them what you are going to do this year to be opposite, or just include a kind message or joke.

Free e-cards are now so much easier to use than paper cards, they're starting to dominate the market. You can send e-cards from nearly any destination worldwide, to nearly any destination worldwide, totally for free.

If you've always wondered what you would have been like if raised under different circumstances, in a stricter or more lax environment, or another set of parents and family members, then this is your day to let your imagination wander.

Opposite Day is the perfect chance to act like you never have before, and to explore the possibility of being a completely different individual. The origins of this celebration are somewhat unclear, though the excuse to change your perspective, not to mention the way people look at you, is surely the driving force for the annual observance.

Experimentation, whether it is with the way you look, speak, carry yourself, or address other people, creates the unusual opportunity to step into someone else's shoes, and therefore open your mind to the experiences and reactions received when you do not behave or look like yourself.

An interesting social exercise at the very least, in addition to being the only day of the year that ‘yes’ can literally be taken to mean ‘no’ and vice versa.

The celebration of Opposite Day offers an inexhaustible variety of possibilities. If you live in business attire, you could dig out your sweatpants and flannels and wear them to work, organize a lunch meeting at the beginning of the day, or do what is normally at the top of your agenda last.

Opposite Day is a great tool for the classroom, where kids could have lots of fun learning about opposites, whether in reference to numbers, colors, or words, paradoxes, contradictory ideas and lifestyles, and differences in general.

For all you pranksters, saying the opposite of what you mean and responding to questions and requests with the contrary of what you think will baffle, and possibly irritate, everyone you meet. And what could be better than switching your meals?

Opposite Day is also great way to break the ice: have a neighborhood party with it as the theme, and make meeting the neighbors easier and more exciting. There is no traditional way to mark this fun holiday, so go all out and become you own opposite!

Did you know that nodding means ‘no’ and shaking one's head from side to side means ‘yes’ in Bulgaria?

I now never send paper cards, for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that free e-cards are so eco friendly, compared to paper cards. Also e-cards are obviously much cheaper, as they are free, and the delivery on the e-cards is almost instant.

Andrew Gibson is MD of It has thousands of free ecards to choose from for birthdays and all occasions. Many people now send free e-cards to celebrate birthdays and select them from thousands of free e-cards


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