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What Hugging Day is All About


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Hugging Day is one of the best days of the year for a few people. This year make it that bit more special try sending friends, and family alike a free e-card. The free e-card will also be a good reminder to show them your feelings for them, as a friend or whatever you choose.

E-cards cover so many different genres, some humorous, others sad. One of the best things about free e-cards is they can be sent from nearly anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and are on the internet.

Free e-cards are very quickly taking over the whole card market, and in a one or two years it will start to become very uncommon not to receive at least a few e-cards for your birthday or other holidays alike. Free e-cards can contain any message you want.

The definition of ‘to hug’ is technically to clasp tightly in the arms, to cling firmly or fondly. However the action is chockfull of social connotations. For some, it is a casual greeting, for others, it is also a way of conveying intimacy. Of course the meaning largely depends on the type of embrace one gives. There are several very recognizable ones:

bear hug - perfect embrace for close friends, relatives, especially of drastically different sizes, in which one person completely envelops the other.

shoulder hug - standing side by side, one person puts one arm around the other's shoulder and squeezes as a sign of appreciation and support.

loose hug - hugging only from the arms up; great for unfamiliar people to whom you wish to express friendliness; also the ideal initiation for hugging beginners.

These are only a few of the abundance of embraces, with new variations under constant development. In whatever shape or form it may come, you can rest assured that a hug is a wonderful, very personal way of communicating positive feelings towards someone, or of relieving negative ones.

Observe National Hugging Day by sharing your feelings through a hug today and every day of the year!

Celebrate National Hugging Day by doling out some hug therapy to your friends and loved ones. Not only is a hug a way to receive reassurance and a tactile pick-me-up, it is also a fantastic means of giving it, and alleviating stress or anxiety along the way. It is a display of concern, love, affection, closeness, understanding, passion, encouragement, and much, much more.

If you normally refrain from such displays of affection, take National Hugging Day as an opportunity to physically show your love for the people close to you, you might even discover that it is beneficial.

And if you are already a casual hugger, this is your day to indulge yourself. Hug someone, everyone who will allow it! Spread your love with the help of this charming, positive holiday.

I must send out hundreds of free e-cards each year, and all my friends receive one for hugging day, I often like to include a nice message also.

Andrew Gibson is MD of It has thousands of free ecards to choose from for birthdays and all occasions. Many people now send free e-cards to celebrate birthdays and select them from thousands of free e-cards


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