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Why People Celebrate Postal Day


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This year to celebrate postal day, give the guys a rest, and instead of sending a normal card, send a free e-card. Free e-cards are quickly taking over the card market, for the obvious reason that they are free. All the different categories make it easy for you to find a suitable card also.

One of the oldest and most widely used American federal institutions is the United States Postal Service (USPS). The formation of the federal postal service was a many-tiered process, beginning with a difficult journey between New York and Boston in January 1673 at the bequest of King Charles II.

The USPS received that name as its official title in 1789 as part of the ratification of the Constitution. It is difficult to imagine a time when the mail was delivered primarily on foot, but such was the case during the early days of the USPS.

As westward expansion gained momentum and places like California saw an influx of immigration, a combination of steamboats, seat-driven engines, the Pony Express, and foot delivery was used to transport the mail, taking several weeks and often much longer to get correspondence from one coast to the other.

Fortunately, with the advent of modern technology, the development of the automobile, the use of railroads, and the progress in air transportation, the time it takes for a letter or parcel to reach its destination has been significantly decreased.

However, it is the dedication and professionalism of USPS employees that have maintained the reliability and integrity of the organization.

It is thanks to the efforts of the many USPS employees that the ambitious promise of the USPS motto is fulfilled on a daily basis. In honor of Postal Day, do something for the postal service representative in your community. Whether it is leaving some goodies, like cookies or a thank you note, in the mailbox for your mail delivery person, or bringing something to show the people at the local Post Office that their hard work does not go unnoticed, it is important to show postal employees that they are appreciated by the people they serve.

Without a doubt, working for the USPS is among the more difficult civil service jobs, so don't be shy about expressing your gratitude for the work these committed people do. Get everyone in your community involved! A public show of support may be the most effective and fun way to demonstrate just how indispensable the USPS and all the people involved are to your life.

The first Postmaster General of the USPS was Benjamin Franklin, the infamous writer, scholar, inventor, and delegate to the Constitutional Convention and other meetings crucial to the foundation of the United States as we know it.

Did you know that as of May 1998, the USPS handles 630 million pieces daily, is organized into more than 39,000 post offices, and is the largest civilian employer in the U. S. with more than 765,000 employees?

Millions of free e-cards are sent each year, send a free e-card this year yourself, to please friends and family alike.

Andrew Gibson is MD of It has thousands of free ecards to choose from for birthdays and all occasions. Many people now send free e-cards to celebrate birthdays and select them from thousands of free e-cards


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