Thirty Totally Free Gift Ideas

Kathy Burns-Millyard

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Stop laughing! Not all great gifts have to cost a fortune. In fact, some of the best are absolutely free. Skeptical? Well, here's proof with thirty all-occasion free gift ideas:

1. Give them breakfast in bed.
2. Print them off a handmade coupon for a back massage.
3. Cook a special dinner for a friend or loved one.
4. Give someone a special a day of pampering.
5. Write a poem or a quote in honor of someone's birthday.
6. Clip the coupons from Sunday's paper and mail them in a card to a frugal shopper.
7. Create a drawing or painting that has special meaning.
8. Make them a piece of jewelry out of seashells or pine cones.
9. Fill up a glass jar with sea stones and tie raffia around the top.
10. Light a candle and run a warm bath for that special person.
11. Send an e-card or online greeting.
12. Print off information on a topic of interest to someone.
13. Pass along a family heirloom or something that has sentimental value.
14. Surprise someone with a picnic using food that you already have on hand.
15. Leave a message on the bathroom mirror using toothpaste or lipstick.
16. Make cookies or fudge and wrap them in tissue paper.
17. Send an e-mail that lists out the reasons why they are special or why you love them.
18. Pick them up a free kitten or free puppy.
19. Give them an old photograph that has been tucked away for some time.
20. Create a hobby scrapbook with images, articles and tidbits about their favorite activity.
21. Check out a book at the library for someone and return it for them on time.
22. Give them a seedling to grow using one of your own plants.
23. Find a funky shaped rock and write a story about what it reminds you of.
24. Sew together pieces of old clothing for a truly unique table runner.
25. Create a gift voucher for one hour of doing whatever they want.
26. Weed their garden for them or rake their lawn.
27. Decorate a household utensil with craft items you have on hand.
28. Give them a hug.
29. Give them a kiss.

Don't be embarrassed if you are a little short on cash or if you want to try one of these free gift ideas. The best gifts really do come from the heart.

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