Give The Kids A "Dress-Up" Box Of Costumes For Christmas!

Marian Lewis

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Sew costumes to wear all year long and create lasting memories!

Halloween is over, but the real fun is not!

Hurry and scoop up those costumes and accessories while they are on sale!

I just finished sewing a long black coat that my grandson wore to his college “Halloween Party. " He went as the guy from “The Matrix. " I told him it would be a great witches’ coat, too, but he prefered “The Matrix. "

The coat was made from a black denim fabric and is floor length. With his dark glasses, he looked “way cool!" He also used this coat as part of a “Gothic" costume that he needed for another party.

While doing this, my mind was flooded with fond memories of sewing “costumes" for my grandchildren. I made so many of the Disney characters, all of the princesses and princes and an awful lot of other story book and cartoon characters. Plus, I'm not sure how many Renaissance Faire outfits I stitched together for them.

What fun for me and the kids. They still love to dress up and they are adults now.

Some of their favorite outfits are treasures to them. They won't give them away even though they outgrew them years ago. They are saving them for their children.

WOW! How cool is that!

I know that Halloween time is the season many of you get out your sewing machines and sew. But, don't just think of Halloween costumes.

Why not sew up several play outfits or costumes and put them into a “Dress Up Box" to give the kids for Christmas! Both boys and girls love this.

Kids need some creative play time. Everything doesn't have to be an electronic gadget!

Clean out your old costume jewelry, old hats, scarves, handbags, belts, gloves, formals, shoes, etc. , and add them to the box. If you don't have anything, go to the Goodwill Store and look for bridesmaids hats, formals, boas, beads, etc. Peasant blouses make great pirate shirts.

Add a make-up kit if Mom allows. They love make-up!

Now is the time to pick up some funny wigs, too. Party and costume stores as well as large stores like “Wal-mart" and “Target" have lots of accessories to add this time of year.

These are gifts of love that form a bond between you and your grandkids forever. They won't remember the gadgets, nor will they remember the checks or money you give them.

They absolutely will always remember their special “Dress Up Box". They will remember being “Tinker Bell" or “Jasmine" or “Belle" or “Captain Hook" or “A Musketeer" or even “The Matrix. "

And, they will always remember, too, that “Gammy made it with love just for them!"

Have fun!

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