A Holiday Secret! Connect, or if You can, Reconnect

L. John Mason

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With the Holidays upon us, make time to connect or re-connect with your friends and family. We require special support from caring, friendly people and we have to make time for these activities. Companies, organizations, places of worship, social groups, schools, and governmental should consider offering additional opportunities for people to connect and to offer care and support to all participants. This is not the time to emotionally “circle the wagons" and the deal with our grief, fear, sadness, and anger, alone!

Go out of your way to reach out to others. Offer personal and sincere compliments and offers of support. You will feel better, because you are doing something positive. You may also be saving a life. This may be the true meaning of the mid-Winter holidays. By shining as a beacon of good cheer, you can enlighten the dark times for you and the people around you.

Do not forget your own self-care. Reduce your personal expectations regarding your performance for the sake of your emotional and spiritual well-being. But do not withdraw from your life and your friends.

Remember to breathe! Distractions will surface, but gently return your mind's focus to the process of slowly breathing. . . .inhale then exhale. By focusing your attention on your breath, you will become more fully engaged in the present. This can remove you from your fears regarding the future and dis-engage you from painful memories from the past. It does require practice and some discipline, but this will work for you.

Try this. It can really work well for you.

L. John Mason, Ph. D. is the author of the best selling “Guide to Stress Reduction. " Since 1977, he has offered Executive Coaching and Training.

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