Holiday Expectations

Linda Salazar

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As always, when this time of the year comes around, I am amazed at how fast another year has gone by. It’s also the time of year when I make an extra effort to be aware of the energy and attitude I am carrying with me as I am out and about doing everything I need to do to prepare for the holidays. By doing this, it helps keep my stress level down and makes each day flow more easily and effortlessly.

I invite you to do the same for yourself. Notice if there are any emotional patterns that show up for you at this time of the year that tend to create more stress in your life. Are you focusing on anticipating the worst with shopping, crowds, traffic, visits with relatives?

Whatever it may be for you give yourself a break by having a different outlook toward this holiday year than past. Take as many deep breaths as need be throughout each and every day and allow yourself to relax into all that you need to do and all that is happening around you. Know in your heart everything will get done that needs to get done and as you give up the urge to control the circumstances around you that you can’t control, the more you will see things getting done with ease. It’s an opportunity to practice your patience and willingness to go with the flow. Put a smile on your face even if you have to force it at first. A smile not only lifts you emotionally it effects everyone around you, ultimately effecting how things show up for you.

Instead of remembering all the times you’ve been with certain relatives that were less than joyful, create a new picture for yourself. Imagine spending a pleasant time with this person. Be open to the possibilities of it being different because you’re willing to be different. Remember, it starts with you. They are who they are and all you can control your own emotions.

Oh, I know, I know. I can hear you now. “But you don’t know my Uncle Horace, he makes the holidays miserable for everyone. ” Uncle Horace may be the scrooge of the party but that doesn’t mean you have to fall prey to his energy and let it ruin your holiday. Again, you are always at choice and you get to manage your emotions as you choose. Not Uncle Horace! If need be, spend more time with those in the room you feel more joy toward and as you do this, it is not the time to talk about everything that’s wrong with Uncle Horace. But most importantly, start holding a different vision now for your upcoming visits.

Are you worried about not having enough money to buy the gifts you want to buy? Stop. Gifts are great but we all know a gift from the heart is not always about something expensive. The most wonderful gift I received last year was from a relative who spent $2.49 on me. He bought me a beautiful card and in it wrote all the things he appreciated about me. It touched me in a way that is hard to put into words. That gift was worth it’s weight in gold to me and a year later it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. Release yourself from the pressure of buying something more than you can afford and if you’re not able to let go of that ask yourself what’s really beneath that belief and be willing to take an action that starts busting through such a limiting belief.

So as you find yourself standing in long lines, dealing with crowded malls, sitting in traffic or anticipating being with certain relatives, do your best to hold an awareness of how you’re managing your energy and thoughts. If it’s not for your highest good take some deep breaths in and out holding a thought that feels a little bit better. Close your eyes and remember all you have to be grateful for and then smile.

I wish you a safe, relaxing and joyful holiday season. May the year ahead bring you much abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life!

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It is Because of Your Expectations!
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