Thanksgiving: How Do You Spell Thanks?

Edi Sowers

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We’re approaching that wonderful once-a-year “Turkey Day”!

For me, Turkey Day memories revolve around going to the football game between The University of Texas Longhorns (yea!) and the Texas A &M Aggies (boo!).

Because that game was traditionally on Thanksgiving Day, my family wouldn’t have the turkey and dressing meal but would opt for roast beef sandwiches and potato chips eaten out of the trunk of the car in our version of a tail-gater. I love those memories! And I still love watching my Longhorns beat up on those Aggies! (Hook’em Horns!)

However, I now realize that there is something more important about this holiday than turkey and football. It is, after all, called THANKSgiving! Let’s look at “thanks” a little more closely this year.

I believe that living with a thankful heart is the first step towards living a truly joyful life. It isn’t always easy to be thankful. Sometimes real life presents challenges, hard times, trials, and circumstances for which an average person would never consider being thankful! However, since you are NOT average, I believe you will appreciate this view of “thanks. ”


Renew your mind. Be intentional about what direction you allow your thoughts to take. Don’t drift into sin. Think like God. Ask God to transform your thinking. Plug good things into your thinking: scripture, inspirational reading, devotional books and stories about people who have triumphed in all manner of circumstances.


Take the long term view. Remember there is always a bigger picture than what you’re experiencing right now. Ask God to help you have that long term perspective – to see things from His vantage point. I love the description of life being like a parade. We are on the street watching the parade go by and can only see what is immediately in front of us. God, however, is up high and can see the entire parade in one instant – beginning, middle and end – so He has the big picture, the 50,000 foot view!


Appreciate what you have. Train your mind to focus on the positives in your life – the things you have that are treasures to you. Too many times we allow ourselves to focus on what everyone else has that we don’t have. We can easily have a pity party, looking only at the things that are missing from our lives. That serves no purpose other than to drain our energy and our joy and turn us into crotchety, grumpy, negative people. How much better to CHOOSE to focus on the things we do have that are positive, those undeserved gifts and blessings.

N – “NOW”

Be where you are NOW in life. Enjoy it NOW. Be what God wants you to be today. By continually looking for “what’s next”, we overlook opportunities for today. If you don’t live “now here” – you’ll be “nowhere”.

K – “KNOW”

Know what is important. If you imagine yourself on your death bed, what is that you would most wish for? I guarantee it would be your spouse, your kids, your grandkids, your loved ones. By knowing what is most important each and every day, all those other things that want to vie for your attention will be shoved aside.


We expect our kids to “be nice and share”. How about us? By sharing what God gives us (both tangible and intangible), our grip loosens and we are set free.

Think. Horizon. Appreciate. Now. Know. Share. THANKS!

This applies all year ‘round, not just at Thanksgiving. Let’s use this Thanksgiving as an opportunity to turn over a “new leaf” of being thankful all year long.

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