Whose Life are you Going to Touch this Holiday Season?

Ginger Marks

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With the holiday season already upon us our thoughts quickly turn to family and friends. What do the holidays hold for you? Are you filling your days dreaming about the parties you will attend the shopping you have to do and the gifts you will exchange? Why not consider sharing some of your festive spirit with someone less fortunate. You could be the difference between a family experiencing a blessed holiday season or struggling to make it through.

Whose life are you going to touch this holiday season? What are some of the ways you could help? Who would you help if you could? How can you make a difference? You’re only one person, you say.

There are many places to look for the answer to these questions. Perhaps just a single coin in a bell-ringer’s bucket is all you can afford this year. If that is the case then give them your nickel. Better yet, give them your time.

No time? How about looking at what you are purchasing for gifts this season. Why not purchase a gift that will give joy to more than just the receiver? There are many opportunities to share in this way. One that quickly comes to mind is the “Letter from Santa” Charity Drive. DocUmeant and Admin Café have teamed up in support of this year's Work At Home Mother (WAHM) Sponsored Charity Drive benefiting families going through hardship due to extensive medical conditions.

Ginger Marks and Michelle Jasper believe that because children are who make the holidays wonderful, children should benefit from this special holiday spirit. Letters from Santa presents children the unique opportunity to receive their own personalized letter from Santa. Through their Letters from Santa promotion they are donating 20% of their sales to this Charity Drive. To participate, contact DocUmeant at DocUmeant@gcn. cx or visit their webpage at http://www.documeant.net or you may offer your services to the charity drive. Visit their WAHM’s web site at: http://www.wendysvarietyshop.com/Charity.html

Another opportunity to support those in need is to choose from the list of organizations at beliefenet.com. Beliefnet.com’s listings are categorized in three convenient groups. These groups are: Hunger & Poverty, Health & Education, and Environment & Animals. They also believe Christmas is a time for giving. Their site is configured so that with a click of your mouse you can easily make a daily difference by triggering free donations to address issues like poverty, homelessness, violence against women, curing cancer, protecting the environment etc. Their thoughts are: “We'll bet you have more to give than you realize!! “ Beliefnet.com With the endless list of suffering people the choices you make this holiday could impact someone’s life in a positive way. Consider your options and support those less fortunate during this holiday season. Make a difference, today!

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A Sensible Approach to the Holiday Season
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