Holiday Etiquette


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What are the holidays all about?

Many people lose the real meaning behind the holidays, not just religious beliefs but the holidays are more than Santa, The Easter Bunny, and Mr. T. Turkey. During the holidays, especially Christmas we tend to over spend and stretch out our wallets. Why do we give? Some give to get love in return, others give to let us know we are thought of, and to be thought of. Then there are some who give just to keep up with the Jones’s next door.

Some of us send out Christmas cards every year just too only get 3 back out of 10 sent. Have you heard of a thing called Xmas etiquette! When someone sends you a Christmas card, family included, please send one back. It is rude not to send one back. Do you agree? It is nice to know that we (Recipient is being thought of). If your budget is tight, a Holiday card is a lovely way to say “Hi” or “I’m thinking of you!” Did you know for a mere 37 cents (80cent going abroad) you can give a holiday card and stay within your budget. If giving gifts are out of your budget send a holiday card snail or e-mail.

Many of us live far from family, out of state, some abroad. It is not being “frugal” or some call it being “cheap” but it is about “being smart”. Lets face it some folks can really not afford to give back, not even a card (e-mail is free)! Others are being forgetful and that in return leaves us with a feeling of forgetfulness and it is simply rude. There is no reason why you can’t just send an e-mail card, it is just as meaningful. The point is we want to know we are cared for, thought about. The holidays are the perfect time to show this and share your love. The holidays are for love, sharing, caring, and spending time together. The holidays should not be about having to deflate your bank account.

Handmade gifts and cards are not conscientiously being cheap, it's a way of letting an individual know they are significant and one of your most priceless commodities, “Your Time". What about homemade pastries, cakes, cookies on a keepsake platter to give to one family as a whole, there is nothing better than a gift from the heart. “Being smart” or other words “Saving Money” is the most essential, intelligent detail you can do. Yes, I know you do not want folks to think you are cheap or in lack of money, goodness knows we have to keep up with the Jones’s (That was just a joke). When we try to compete or give to receive love we just end up disappointing ourselves and your back account savings which was for your vacation, college, new house, summer house, new car would have just been depleted to keep up with the Jones’s, or to impress.

Agree on yourself for once (this is not being selfish) even if you just send your family a card, that is a lot, it is very meaningful and well if they don’t reciprocate scratch them off your next years list (just joking again). Continue to send them cards; giving is good for our soul. Call it the “Chicken Soup for the Christmas Card Soul”. For your partner and a loved one give a gift to each other that you both need, for example last year we both were wanting a big screen TV and instead of giving unnecessary gifts we got something we both needed and wanted.

Start traditions that do not cost a bundle. Have friends and family over for some smooth jazz and (or any genre you like) for dinner, cocktails which is a wonderful gift all tide up in a beautiful box. The best gift of all to give is the gift of being together during the holidays. Anyway, don’t forget to send a card back; it is important, good etiquette and kind. Do not overspend, use cash, and remember being together, sharing laughter and love is the true meaning behind any holiday.

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