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Fairies are enchanting. They are beautiful, magical creatures that make a great costume for dress-up, Halloween, or even a costume party. If you decide that you want a fairy costume, you are making the commitment to play the part of this wonderful creature over the course of the evening.

Part of the fun of dressing in a fairy costume is to create the character. Don't just say you are “dressed as" a fairy. For that one evening, you will become a fairy. How far you want to take the character once you get there is up to you. However, you may want to consider that the more you get into the character the more fun you'll have.

Here is some advice on how to get into character while wearing your fairy costume.

Start With Research

If you really want to play the part of a fairy it helps to do some research. In folklore, there are several different kinds of fairies. You can dress up as Tinkerbell, the fairy from Peter Pan. Or, you can use your research to create a fairy costume that is completely unique.

The Fairy Costume

Your next step is to buy, rent, or make the fairy costume. If you decide you want to design your own fairy look complete with accessories and makeup, you may want to make your own. If you would like to design your costume but lack the skills to sew it, you can always hire a seamstress to put the look together for you. What you do will depend on your specific vision for the costume and your budget.

The Character

It is one thing to research and purchase the fairy costume. It's quite another understand the fairy character. What does a fairy do? How do they act? Well, that all depends. You can either base your fairy character on a story or your own ideas of what a fairy should be. It's up to you.

How Far?

How far do you want to go with your character? You have a few options. You can either remain simply “dressed as" a fairy in your own fairy costume. Or, you can choose various situations that will help you become a fairy. Here are some tips that will help you get into character.

* Memorize a speech that will help you get into character. This will be something you can say once you arrive at the party or event. At the very least, state your name, where you come from, and what your powers are.

* Decide if you want to become your character the entire evening. You may not want to. This can be fun for a while, but unless you are at some kind of role playing party, the other guests may accuse you of taking to too far. Learn how to find balance.

Closing Thoughts

Remember that the most important part of dressing up is to find a stunning fairy costume. Creating the character is just a fun perk.

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