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Finding good Halloween party games and activities shouldn’t be hard. Why not have a Pumpkin Roll at your party? This makes a great outdoor activity. You’ll need to stockpile a few uncarved pumpkins that are fairly rounded. Then have kids volunteer to join the race. Assign each racer a pumpkin and tell them that at the start of the race they will roll their pumpkin to the end of the course (which you design in length and coming up with obstacles) and back to their original starting positions. Those racers who come in first, second and third place get to keep the pumpkin they raced with.

If you don’t want to save up that many pumpkins just get one pumpkin and carve it out as you would a jack o lantern for the Pumpkin Toss. Have the kid’s line up single file and take turns tossing treats into the pumpkin. Those kids that managed to get their treats in the pumpkin get to retrieve and keep their treats. The best thing about this game is that the kids who don’t get their treat into the pumpkin can line up at the back of the line and wait their turn to try again with a different treat. If they have to draw their treats for tossing out of a bag without looking it adds an element of chance to the game.

The last activity could be round robin spooky story. Have the kids sit in a circle after its dark out and give them a flashlight. Start off the round robin with an opening passage of a spooky story then hand off the flashlight to the person to the left and have them continue the story where you left off. When they feel they’ve reached a stopping point they pass off the flashlight again. When the story reaches an end a new story can be started up by the next child. The great thing about this activity is that it can go on indefinitely.

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