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Grandchildren A Newborn Delight


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As parents, we may have wished for many things for our children over the years. Some of these wishes may have included getting a good education, or securing a job that would make them happy, or meeting that special person. But, as empty nesters, one thing that most parents wish for are grandchildren.

The delight of a newborn child is only the beginning. Now, comes the fun part including buying that cute little newborn all sorts of stuffed toys, educational toys, or cute little outfits. And, on the more serious side, you get to help defray some of those continuous costs of things like diapers, baby formula, or those little booties that never get worn out but simply outgrown.

As parents, you are blessed if you have two sets of adoring grandparents for your child or children. And, it's not just because you have trusted and loving baby sitters either. The warmth and forever memorable good times experienced by your children with their grandparents can seal their fondest memories all through childhood and to their own time as grandparents. These memories remain as a true testament to family and their value through generations.

As grandparents, we have the good fortune to be able to help their parents with valued lessons. These lessons need not be complicated, nor do they have to be as boring as making sure your grandchildren read as requested by their parents. These are lessons of love, of involvement, of happy expressions, of laughter, of simple walks through forests expressing an appreciation of all things in nature. These are examples of human kindness, a smile, a handshake, a hobby shared, or that apple pie that little hands made even though covered in flour much more than needed.

And, as grandparents, let us not forget the special contribution and gift given to you from adoring grandchildren. That special glee in their eyes, or that warm embrace as they greet you for a summer vacation, or that grin from cheek to cheek when you grab their hand off to their favorite ice cream vendor, or that escort to their first merry-go-round ride. All those little cries for joy, even those little scrapes made better with a loving caress or soothing and comforting word all lend more intimacy and vitality to a grandparents’ life.

A newborn, a young child, a teenager, or young adult can follow you as their grandparents throughout your life. You have the greatest opportunity to influence, in all positive ways, the development of not just another human being but of a person whose life you love often more than your own. And, while material things are certainly valued, what is even more prized is what cannot be purchased - and that is fond and cherished memories.

Byron Pulsifer is the editor of Newborn Gift Idea Find just the right gift for that newborn or infant whether you are a grandparent, relative, or friend.


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