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Articles about or concerning Grandparents, Grandchildren, Extended Family, Custody, Legal Guardianship.
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The Genealogy Research with the help of US Census Records

 Amanda Miller (May 22, 2012)  Looking out the genealogy can be a difficult thing unless you know the way of doing it. The United States is seen collecting census data since decades . Gathering all these information is certainly tough task which is carried out after every ten years. The census records that is seen carrying the population data is set to release once it passes 72 years. At this point the census is .. (Grandparenting)

How Do I Find My Genealogy?

 Amanda Miller (December 31, 2011)  Beginning a quest to explore your ancestry? Use the genealogy research tips below to begin your adventure into your family’s past. Discover whom to talk to, what questions to ask, and where to get the best information to help you trace your family tree. Genealogy Research Tip 1: Interview Family Members The very best genealogy resource for discovering more about your family is, .. (Grandparenting)

How to Prepare for Life as a Great Granddad

 Adam R. Singleton (October 12, 2009)  Medical science has come on leaps and bounds in the past century or so. In the UK, life expectancy is now at 77 years of age for men, whilst women on average can expect to live to 82. Indeed, the percentage of the UK population under the age of 16 has been in decline for well over a decade and for the first time ever, it has dropped below the percentage of people of a pensionable age. .. (Grandparenting)

Keeping Grandparents Involved Across the Miles

 Veronica Scott (July 18, 2008)  Many miles separate some grandparents and grandchildren. Having grandparents involved in a child's life is very important. Grandparents can teach children about their family history, spoil them, and love them unconditionally. After all, the more people who love a child the better. With a little imagination and time, grandparents who don't live close by can still maintain a close .. (Grandparenting)

Grandchildren A Newborn Delight

 Byron Pulsifer (July 14, 2008)  As parents, we may have wished for many things for our children over the years. Some of these wishes may have included getting a good education, or securing a job that would make them happy, or meeting that special person. But, as empty nesters, one thing that most parents wish for are grandchildren. The delight of a newborn child is only the beginning. Now, comes the fun part .. (Grandparenting)

Grandparents Raising Children

 Ian Pennington (July 14, 2008)  It is amazing how many grandparents are raising children for various reasons. Whatever the reasons, it is certainly a tough job because this gives the grandparents a second go around in enforcing rules and helping young people develop into responsible adults. Another thing that makes it difficult is the fact that grandparents are usually older and having to battle their own ills in .. (Grandparenting)

Summer Fun With Your Grandchildren

 Gillian Grigor (July 10, 2008)  10 Fun Ideas to do With Your Grandchildren This Summer Are you looking for ways to have some summer fun with your grandchild? Summer is a time when most children get to go to their grandparents house for a day, a week, or longer. So finding ideas to help keep summer fun can be daunting. We are going to offer ten fun ideas to help get you started. Many of these ideas cost little or no .. (Grandparenting)

Notes From the Couch Dragons Live Forever What is Your Legacy?

 Risa Mason-Cohen (July 08, 2008)  My mother's father passed away when I was only six years old; he left this world way too soon. My grandfather sucked the marrow out of life and derived pleasure from the simplest of things. He was a playful man with a fierce passion for life. He had a gift of presence and lived each day as if it were his last. He ate the foods he loved up until the end of his life, despite the .. (Grandparenting)

A Memory

 Erin Nuttall (July 02, 2008)  Although hard to believe, it has been almost nine years since my Grandpa passed away. I've lost other family members before, but none left an impact on my life such as him. He was more than a Grandpa to me, he was a substitute parent and the friend I knew I could always count on. In the spring of 1999 my family received the devastating news that Grandpa had cancer. I was fifteen years .. (Grandparenting)

Grand Parents Rights Child Custody

 Roy H Carter (June 28, 2008)  The world has changed dramatically in the last decade and we are now seeing more divorce cases than ever before but what about the Grandparents rights? Some may say it's a good thing that we should be able to move on from a relationship where we are not happy and we should be pleased that the process has been made easier for the couple concerned, but what about everyone else who is .. (Grandparenting)

Grandparent Rights Standing Up For a Child

 Susan Hoffman (June 28, 2008)  It is referred to as grandparent rights, but in reality it is the rights of children to remain connected with grandparents. The grandparent visitation movement is directed toward protecting and preserving that part of a child's extended family. The grandparents’ rights movement is an ongoing struggle of individuals promoting the preservation of the family unit by influencing .. (Grandparenting)

Favorite Grandparent Memory

 Catharine Parks (June 24, 2008)  Several years ago while sitting in The Coffee Exchange with my nine-year-old granddaughter Alicia, our conversation turned to her mother's choice of lifestyle. She expressed to me how she felt about it. Alicia and her sister had a dad in their life, but they also had someone extra, her mother's female paramour. There we were sitting at a two-seated table next to the wall. I looked at . (Grandparenting)

Grandparents' Rights To Grandchildren Custody

 Stephen Wisley (February 24, 2008)  As a fellow grandparent I am sure you will agree, the world is not what it used to be. According to the 2000 census there are 4.5 million grandchildren living with either one or both grandparents. Knowing grandparents rights to grandchildren custody has never been more important. Many times the grandparents are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. They are concerned .. (Grandparenting)

Raising Your Grandchildren - Tips For Finding Help

 Stephen Wisley (February 24, 2008)  Your grandchildren are living in your home. Now what? Raising your grandchildren is not an easy task and there are legal questions to be answered. You are to be commended for taking on the task of raising a second family. I know you didn't ask for the job, but now it is yours. Have you checked with a lawyer? You may not feel you need one, but if it comes down to you having legal .. (Grandparenting)

Grandparents With Grandkids - What You Need To Know

 Stephen Wisley (February 24, 2008)  What happened? You were just settling into the empty nest thing and everything was going smooth. Now there is constant noise and problems, problems and more problems. This is the life of a grandparent with grandkids. Do we really need this? You had thoughts of peaceful afternoons, catching up on the reading and taking walks in the park. Now, its constant run the kids, fix the meal, wash . (Grandparenting)

Family Rules - Do the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Need Them?

 Harriet Hodgson (February 22, 2008)  I'm a GRG, a grandparent raising my 16-year-old twin grandkids. When I was growing up family rules were clear, so clear that nobody put them in writing. My job was to do well in school, help out around the house, and avoid alcohol and sex. I adhered to all of these rules. What are family rules? According to the University of Wisconsin Extension Web site, they are a way to .. (Grandparenting)

Family Memories to Live On

 Don Doman (December 30, 2007)  They shriek, they scream, they thump around the house slamming doors having the time of their lives, while my wife and I just cringe and leave them alone. Grandchildren on a stay-over create havoc in the home, and it's worth every minute. Happy memories fuel stories for future gatherings and happy family memories are the best of all. We recently had two grandchildren planned for an .. (Grandparenting)

Child Custody For Grandparents

 Connor Trautmann (December 11, 2007)  Most people familiar with these laws agree awarding in favor of the grandparents is hard to obtain, not impossible if under the right circumstances though. Each state has its own laws regarding the rights g-ma and g-pa is entitled to. Considering parents have a fundamental right to the care, obtain and management of their kids, the G-parents have much to prove to gain custody. To .. (Grandparenting)

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