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Exactly what are Various sorts of Agroforestry System?

Brijesh Singha

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Agrisilviculture system: It is a computer of agroforestry in which tree species are increased and also handled in the farmland along with agricultural plants. For instance, poplar (Populus deltoids) and also wheat (Triticum aestivum) or Gmelina abrorea and also paddy (Oryza sativa) This computer can address the problem of lack of food, energy timber, wood as well as conserve soil moisture contents as well as alleviate the extreme climatic problem.

Silvopasture system: Under Silvopasture system of land administration boosted pasture species are expanded in addition to tree types. For instance, Morus alba and also Dichanthium annulatum or Albizia lebbeck and also Pennisetum pedicellatum. Here the option of tree varieties could be either for hardwood alone or for twin function i. e. fuel orgasm straw. Lawns or legumes mixtures are increased along with tree species at the same time on the very same device of land. Integrating of trees, turfs and also legumes likewise aids to save soil moisture as well as boost the fertility status of dirt. It has 2 sub-types:

  • Silvipastoral system with control grazing
  • Silvipastoral computer where tamed ruminants (herbivores) are not permitted for grazing

Agrisilvipastoral computer: Under this computer the same system of land is procured farming as well as woodland plants where farmers could likewise back animals. As an example wheat (Triticum aestivum), poplar (Populus deltoides and also Dichanthium annulatum.

Agrihortisilviculture computer: It is integrated computer of land usage in which farming crops, fruit trees as well as timber trees/fuel timber are grown together to satisfy the requirements of food grains, fruits, wood and gas timber. For example wheat (Triticum aestivum), Morus alba and also Dalbergia sissoo.

Silvihorticulture system: It is a computer of agroforestry in which wood trees are increased with fruit trees. For example, Albizia lebbeck and also Morus alba. This system is very handy in soil conservation.

Agrihorticulture system: This land administration system focuseds on production of both farming plants and fruits. Therefore, plants and fruit trees are grown together. As an example, apple (Malus pumilo) and also wheat (Triticum aestivum).

Hortisilvipastoral system: It is integrated system of land management in which fruit trees, forest trees as well as pasture turfs are increased together. The 3 parts satisfies the demand of fruit, straw, energy and also lumber. For instance, Morus alba, Albizia lebbeck and Dichanthium annulatum.

Hortipastoral system: In this type of agroforestry system fruit trees are grown with meadow lawns for the satisfaction of need of fruits as well as fodder. For example Morus alba as well as Pennisetum pedicellatum.

Agripasture system: In this computer crops as well as pasture turfs are increased together to satisfy the requirement of food and also straw. As an example, wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Poa annua.

Silviapiculture computer: It is a computer of rearing along with increasing of trees on the agricultural land. For example, Gmelina arborea and bee.

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