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The Benefits Of Hoop Greenhouses


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Hoop greenhouses are a great introduction to greenhouse gardening. Hoop greenhouses resemble arch-shaped tents. The shape of hoop greenhouses makes them simple to set up and maximizes the interior area of the greenhouse, which helps to keep the inside temperatures stable. They usually have a polycarbonate or steel construction with a special UV light-increasing film surrounding them. The film works to amplify the energy of incoming light while letting as little as possible escape, which will increase the temperature of your greenhouse so you can garden all season long. Most feature a door that allows you to completely seal off the greenhouse. This is important so that the heated air inside the greenhouse doesn’t escape.

One of the best features of hoop greenhouses is that they can be built on inclines. If you’re trying to grow things in a hilly area, you know that trying to flatten out the land and install a foundation in order to install a more traditionally structured greenhouse is an incredible expense. Hoop houses have a flexible construction that allows them to be set up in areas that don’t feature perfectly flat land.

If you have problems with deer or vermin eating your plants, hoop greenhouses will keep them away. This can be a much more convenient alternative than fencing and will be much more reliable than purchasing products that claim to keep vermin away. As many gardeners know, these products practically never work as well as advertised. Since hoop greenhouses are entirely contained, pests can’t get into it to eat your plants. Helpfully, it will also greatly reduce the rate at which disease and fungus affects your plants since they will not be constantly exposed to the outside air which can carry contaminants.

They’re by far the most inexpensive type of greenhouse when you factor in how much space you get to grow in, and are modular enough to be extended indefinitely if you need more space. This makes them a great choice for people who are unsure about greenhouse gardening, as if you discover that it’s an activity you enjoy you can easily purchase more scaffolding and film and extend the length of your greenhouse so that you can grow more plants. It’s also easy to set up a hoop house, and only requires a handful of tools and one or two days of labor. Hoop houses are also an excellent option even for professional growers, as their low cost allows you to purchase many of this type of greenhouse for the price of one traditional greenhouse. This allows you to grow and sell more plants so that you can recoup the cost of purchasing a greenhouse much faster.

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