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Hydroponics Understands and Preserves Your Plant


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To be precise, ‘Hydroponics’ means water working. It refers to the technique of growing plants directly in a nutrient solution, without soil. Today, hydroponics has proved that soil is not required for plant growth; however, the requisite nutrients, minerals, and other elements that soil contains are essential. It just acts a nutrient holder, a growing place for plants, and a supporting medium for the plant structure.

With the help of proper hydroponic equipment, anybody can practice this agriculture technique and grow fantastic crops in soilless medium. Varieties of hydroponic systems employ different inert grow mediums like vermiculite, sand, coco coir, rockwool, and gravel instead of soil, which provide a mechanical support to plants in conventional cultivation.

Today, hydroponics has evolved domestically and commercially in many ways.

Commercial hydroponic gardeners have adopted this technique for cultivating crops in unfavorable conditions, whereas, home gardeners practice it as a hobby and for growing fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Hydroponics not only helps in water conservation and environment protection but also produces healthy plants anytime, anywhere.

Hydroponics evaluates and understands the requirements of plants and tries to provide the exact amounts of what it needs and at the right time. This leads to healthy development of plants. The inert grow medium that supports the plants absorbs the nutrients and delivers it directly to the roots of the plants in a highly soluble form. This facilitates the plants to get its food without any efforts unlike in soil.

Hence, plants utilize most of its energy to develop its upper vegetative and flowering structures. Therefore, growers get faster, better, and greater yields with less hassles. Hydroponic equipment available in the market is offered either individually or in kits.

Waterfarm Single unit is one such hydroponic system of size 1’ x 1’. It consists of four gallon reservoir and 2-gallon growing chamber along with a pumping column and column support tube. The whole unit also consists of drip ring, drain level tube, 800 air pump, and 9L hydroton as grow medium, ½ inches grommet, and 3-part Flora kit.

Apart from producing healthy yields, hydroponics is a practical approach to meet the increasing demand for food in countries that lack arable land and where population is increasing consistently. Once adopted, this interesting hobby is sure to win your heart and fill your pockets.


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Plant Fertilizers For Better Plant Performance
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