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Are Small Greenhouses Worth the Money?

Whitney Segura

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If you would love to have a greenhouse on your property but can't afford the large units that you see at nurseries or your neighbor's yards, small greenhouses are an affordable option.

Many consumers worry that purchasing a smaller unit will limit the room they have to grow plants and will end up being a waste of money. The good news is, this isn't true for most people.

If you simply cannot afford a larger greenhouse, or don't have the space on your property for a large unit, you will find that a small greenhouse is much better than no greenhouse at all.

  • Even if you can't do everything that you would ideally like to do all at once, you can do some of what you want to do.

Small Portable Greenhouses

Space Saving for Small Greenhouses

If you can set the inside of your small greenhouse up to conserve as much space as possible, you can put more plants in less space. This can be done by using stacked shelving, but make sure that there is adequate light going into each of the shelving units so all of your plants get the sunlight they need to grow and seeds are able to germinate. You can use grow lights for areas that may need more sunlight at times.

You also have the option of putting up more space for plants and less space for walking around. This isn't always ideal, but it can work if you really want to squeeze as many larger sized plants as possible into the greenhouse.

Most small greenhouses actually offer a nice amount of room for smaller plants and seed germination.

  • With the right type of shelves and tables you can cultivate enough plants to completely deck out your yard with beautiful flowers and/or vegetables plants every year.
  • Don't be surprised if you put up a smaller sized greenhouse and find it is more than enough for your basic growing needs.

Small Cold Frame Greenhouse

Getting a Bargain

If you are purchasing small greenhouses because you cannot afford a larger unit, consider looking for sale and clearance prices for medium sized units. You can often get slightly larger units for the same retail price of small greenhouses if you wait for the right deal to come along. You won't likely find a very large unit for the price of a smaller greenhouse, but you could get one with some extra footage inside.

The best option here is to bookmark websites that sell a wide variety of small greenhouses and check back with them on a regular basis.

  • Sign up for their email newsletter programs and you will get advance notification of specials and sales.
  • If you have time to wait for your purchase, you can get a really great deal on a medium sized hobby greenhouse, rather than settling for a smaller greenhouse.

Small Greenhouses

The Benefits to Small Greenhouses

There are actually some people who really want a small greenhouse. These smaller units come with quite a few benefits:

  1. They take up much less space than large greenhouses.
  2. They are easier to install on your property.
  3. They are easier to keep clean and manage over time.
  4. They are perfectly sized for hobby gardeners who don't need a lot of space.

Small Greenhouse

If you aren't sure whether a small greenhouse can meet your needs, go online and write down the specifications for a few units you like.

Then go outside and measure that area out on your yard. See how big it is and imagine what you could do with that space.


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