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Wooden Greenhouse Frames: Tips and Tricks in Maintenance

Whitney Segura

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Advice on How to Maintain Wood Greenhouse Frames

For those who want a more natural looking greenhouse, one that can effortlessly blend in with the environment, then the best choice without a doubt would be the wooden greenhouses.

  • The wood material is primarily used as a frame.
  • However, they may need certain requirements for construction and maintenance.
  • So here are a few tips that you can use in constructing wooden frames for your next greenhouse.

Wood greenhouse treatments

Most of the commercially available wood are very prone to rotting and are not naturally water resistant. Hence, if you plan to use such types as a greenhouse frame, make sure first that they are rot-free and water-resistant.

If they are not, the best way to go would be to treat the wood. Treatment will involve painting the wood with water-resistant chemical. If this is not an option for you, then you can always make use of the naturally water resistant species of wood such as cedar. Although a bit pricier, the durability and the charm of cedar make it worth the investment.

Be ready for a bi-annual maintenance

Wood, over time, can lose its beauty. So if you want to keep it looking as charming as the first time, then be ready to establish a bi-annual maintenance habit and stick to it. Maintenance will involve painting stain on to the wood to preserve its beauty and keep it water-resistant for the next 6 months. Before painting, make sure you clean the wood with a damp cloth or sponge. The more regularly you keep it clean, the longer your structures are bound to last.

Greenhouse glass and frame maintenance

Although these are not part of the wooden greenhouse frames, it is very important to keep glass and frames clean and well maintained as well because accumulated dust and debris can settle in the corners of the panels and slowly degrade and rot the wood.

  • The rot can degrade the stain or the varnish over time and eventually make your wood very vulnerable and your entire structure unsafe for use. But do not worry, because maintenance is very simple and easy to do.
  • All you need is a single monthly check-up, cleaning and that should be good enough.


Small damages to wood greenhouses are inevitable. So if you do spot some small rotting areas, do not worry because you can easily take them out through sanding.

You can make use of a fine grade sandpaper and sand the area until the rot has been removed. As much as possible, never delay the sanding once you see a rotting spot because it can get bigger and bigger if untreated over time. If the damage has gone deeper, then you can always repair it with wood fillers and seal it with a layer of stain or varnish.


  • So there you have it.
  • Without a doubt, wooden frames are one of the most attractive materials that you can use in greenhouse construction .
  • Just always remember to keep your structure in tiptop shape with proper maintenance and cleaning.

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