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What are the Best Backyard Home Greenhouses

Whitney Segura

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Choosing the best backyard home greenhouse can be an adventure. There are many different things to take into consideration.

When looking for the perfect greenhouse you will need to consider your needs, your space limitations, and your financial limitations.

  • If you are making your own greenhouse, you will need to know what materials are best. There are some designs that are excellent for some areas, and not very affective for certain other locations.
  • For instance, a glass greenhouse can be an excellent design in a northern state.
  • However, in states that are prone to storms, like tornadoes and hurricanes, it is not a very practical design.
  • You will also need to consider whether you will want your greenhouse to be portable, or not.

If you are wanting a simple, portable greenhouse, especially one that you can make your self, a poly-tunnel, or “hoop house" design can be optimal.

They are made from lightweight PVC and greenhouse plastic. They are not, however, especially sturdy. The greenhouse plastic can be torn or cut and the PVC can be broken if something large hits it hard enough. Making one of these types of greenhouses can be very reasonably priced and it is simple to do.

  • Learning how to build a greenhouse of this size, can allow you to make sure that it is the size that you need and also that you can put it where you need to.

For the gardener that wants a sturdy greenhouse for year round gardening, a standard greenhouse is best.

  • However, location can still play a major part in the design of the greenhouse and the materials used to make it.
  • Most have a heavy duty aluminum frame and use UV glass as the coverings.
  • However, some also use polycarbonate and plexiglass as alternatives to standard glass as they are more durable and will not shatter if something hits the surface.
  • Polycarbonate surfaces are also popular because they can be molded into interesting shapes to increase the interesting appearances of greenhouses.

There are several different styles of glass and polycarbonate greenhouses.

  • The more popular designs are the typical slant roofed greenhouses made with aluminum and glass or polycarbonate, such as the Cape Cod greenhouse design and the traditional greenhouse design.
  • Others using polycarbonate are manufactured with interesting designs, including a bowed roof instead of a typical slanted roof. This design uses solid sheets of polycarbonate that has been molded into the shape required.
  • These designs are both beautiful and functional.

Greenhouses are being used all over the world by professional and amateur gardeners, alike.

  • These hobby greenhouses come in different designs, as well as different materials. They can be customized to the needs of the gardener and can come in many different sizes.
  • Selecting the perfect greenhouse for your gardening needs can be simple.
  • Knowing the size that you need, where you are going to put the greenhouse, and the sturdiness of the greenhouse, will be very helpful in choosing the best backyard greenhouse for your home.
  • Some designs can be more expensive then others, however, that is relative to the materials and design of the greenhouse.

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