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Tips For Selecting a Greenhouse Kit

Whitney Segura

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Greenhouse kits can be ideal for those new to greenhouse gardening.

  • If buying from an experienced company with a proven track record, the buyer has the assurance of knowing the kit has been used successfully.
  • This avoids much of the trial and error that can discourage beginning greenhouse gardeners and help ensure that they start off quickly, growing plants and enjoying produce and herbs year round.
  • Of course, flowers can also be grown, enhancing various areas of the house with fresh flower arrangements.

Family Greenhouse Gardening Fun

With all the range of greenhouse kits out there, how do potential gardeners go about selecting the right one?

  • It helps to work with a greenhouse kit company, one with employees who are familiar with the buyer's area of the country.
  • Ask for references or even try to stop by the location and see greenhouse kits, fully built, with plants inside.
  • Try to see them at different times of the year and pay attention to whether they seem at the appropriate temperature. Many will have thermostats or thermometers to keep track of the temperature.

Buying A Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Some of the best news about greenhouse kits?

  • Many are geared to beginners and can be easily built by them.
  • Some gardeners like to ease into greenhouse gardening by starting with a small kit and then adding more as their confidence grows.
  • Be honest, however, about the time and commitment for gardening with the rest of one's schedule.
  • Better to work up to major greenhouse gardening.

Once a commitment has been made to purchase a greenhouse kit, be sure to consider some major points before making the final selection.

  • Think carefully about lifestyle and daily schedules. Also, consider whether the greenhouse will be attached to the home or stand separately.
  • Choosing a winter greenhouse kit is always a good idea, to defend against harsh weathers.
  • Some greenhouse kits are so attractive that they fit in well with existing homes while others may not complement the basic architecture of the home and are best erected a short distance from the house.

Small Portable Greenhouse
Also consider the size of the greenhouse (as noted before). Be sure that the size will work for the number of plants needed.

  • As a general rule, it is best to go with the largest greenhouse affordable, particularly if plants will be harvested daily. For those who get a major amount of their vegetables from gardening, a larger greenhouse will work better than a smaller one. But do keep a budget in mind.

Flooring material is another consideration.

Some greenhouses are built around bare dirt or ground but a solid floor, especially stone or tile, can help heat the greenhouse. Of course, some stone and tile can also become slippery during watering, so keep that in mind.

  • Also, don't forget to consider heating the greenhouse.
  • Be honest about this, too.
  • It would not be practical to assume that areas with freezing winters, low light and lots of snow would be able to have greenhouses that stay as warm as those in milder climate zones.

5’ x 5’ Plastic Hobby Greenhouse

Be sure to work with a professional or seasoned gardener or website for info about the right type of heater for your greenhouse (if a heater is needed).

  • Remember, if using electric heat, a power outage could be a major problem. Explore back-up heating options.

When reading information about greenhouse kits, be sure to consider the type of building materials needed as well as how water will be provided. Does the kits allow for venting if it gets too hot? Is seating provided (always a nice feature).

Finally, don't be set up for a shock when you finaly buy greenhouses and save a lot of money. Believe it or not, building permits may be needed to put a greenhouse in some neighborhoods. Be sure to check this carefully, perhaps through a neighborhood association or by looking at building codes for the area. Many residential areas allow greenhouses.


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