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Pond Aerators are Detrimental for the Health of Any Pond


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It does not matter how nicely a pond is designed or how extravagant the landscaping looks, without installing the right pond aerator; the pond will have absolutely no chance at maintaining its original beauty. The pond aerators’ job is to keep the pond water cycling, which in return helps to minimize the algae growth, helps to assist with waste decomposition that is happening in the water, and increases the amount of oxygen that is being cycled into the water. All of these things play a large role in the health and maintenance of any sized pond, whether it is a small pond in the backyard or a larger pond or lake at the community park. It is important for pond owners to make sure that they purchase the right type of pond aerator for the type and size of pond that they own.

For a shallower pool, it is more practical to install a floating aerator since the water does not go down very deep. This would be for ponds that are anywhere from one to eight feet. However, for ponds that are deeper than eight feet, floating pond aerators would not be able to do the job.

Instead, it would be better to install a diffused aerator system so that the bottom of the pond water gets the filtration and movement that it needs to stay clean as well. The depth of the pond is not the only thing that needs accounting for when choosing the right pond aerator. Another aspect that needs taken into consideration is the actual size of the pond itself. It is not worth spending the money to have a pond aerator system that is bigger than the pond actually needs to have in it and on top of that, it is not always a good thing for the pond itself or the fish and plant life that is living in it. On the other hand, if the aerator is not large enough it will not be able to filter all of the water in the pond. Not all pond aerators need to run off of electricity anymore, in fact, there are now other options that people can choose from that not only keep the electric bill down but also are safe for the environment.

The first one is the windmill aerator kit, which is great for ponds that are not close to a power supply unit. The other alternative is the solar power option that charges up during the day and can hold a power supply to last up to three days. This choice of pond aerator is very convenient for anyone that has access to constant sunshine.

About the Author: Located in Maurice, LA, Living Water Aeration has been providing first class pond and fountain products since 2004. They have a wide variety of different models and sizes of pond aerators , as well as a highly trained staff to help customers regardless of order size. LWA knows the importance of having the right pond aerator , a friendly customer service team, and a customer first attitude.


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